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  1. Gilly

    My Modifications

    just read through your thread and have to say you have done a great job so far with your motor, never much of a fan of the euro look but its growing on me.......glad the "bra" has gone and the merc rims !! makes me jealous as i cant mod mine with it being a company car :-(
  2. Gilly

    2009 B7 2.0 TDi Cab Final edition has died!

    insignia....count yourself lucky when my car was in for a door respray due to an errant wheelie bin i was given a diahorria brown nissan micra...
  3. Gilly

    Chrome mirrors - Easy to fit?

    Its bad news when you cant even get a set of wing mirrors with out worrying about some drug addled Tw*t robbing them off your car... ..they want there feet flogging for that, I am really tempted to get some, and have been for ages as they look awesome in matt, but it does put me off having...
  4. Gilly

    Roof wont go up..Any idea's

    yeah i meant RAC not AA, the geezer who came out couldnt fix it so i posted this thread while he was still here in case there was a straight forward fix any one knew...not so by the looks of it car is booked into Audi next week to be fixed - pain in the neck , and to top it all off i got a...
  5. Gilly

    Roof wont go up..Any idea's

    phew...managed to get the roof up manually..looks like a trip to audi for me tomorrow :crying:
  6. Gilly

    Roof wont go up..Any idea's

    The roof wont go up on my A4 Cab, Even the AA man is at a loss as to get the f*cker working any one got any suggestions?
  7. Gilly

    pics: 2.0TQ S-Line SE, coilovers, clear corners

    Awesome looking machine...would be happy with either set of wheels I think i have finally convinced myself to get some shiny door mirrors having seen how good they look on your motor
  8. Gilly

    RS4 Mirrors

    They do look awesome tho Have been toying with the idea for ages whether or not to get mirrors sorted- yours are original i take it? as opposed to stick on jobbies
  9. Gilly

    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    awesome looking A4...Are your wing mirrors genuine RS4 parts or have you just bought the casings to go over the original ?
  10. Gilly


    Hopefully you will get a call out of the blue saying its ready for delivery.. Mine was supposed to arrive in march, but it turned up the first week of never know with AUDI
  11. Gilly

    Anyone Help Please ???

    This might be a daft question so apologies in advance.. If i got some chrome mirror covers, am i likely to have any trouble refitting the original ones, come resale time etc, or is this an easy job
  12. Gilly

    Order Order

    That was my only dissapointment, I would have paid extra for red leather, as it does indeed look sweet in Black Cars, but not even an option on the SE, same as the S-line. Harsh
  13. Gilly

    Order Order

    The Jury is out on this one....not a fan of the red roof look personally, but if thats what the lady wants
  14. Gilly

    A4 Cabriolet S line Special Edition

    Just to confirm, The SE definately has got the sports suspension, and in my opinion the ride is very firm. It even seems a harder ride than my Fiat Coupe and that was a bone shaker, I wouldnt change it for the world though :) What colour have you ordered migzy?
  15. Gilly

    Anyone Help Please ???

    If you decide to get the mirrors, could you let me know if you reckon they are any good (ie dont look cheap and are easy to fit), as i might get some too. unless anyone else can vouch for the quality of the chrome mirrors ?,
  16. Gilly

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    Might as well stick a pic of my A4 Cab Special Edition in here as well! cant seem to find a picture of one anywhere else on the Internet, mine is feeling a bit lonely. :crying:
  17. Gilly

    A4 Cabriolet S line Special Edition

    Yep, it's got alloy pedals, i presumed they were standard kit on the S-line so be honest.
  18. Gilly

    A4 Cabriolet S line Special Edition

    Roll on the summer !
  19. Gilly

    A4 Cabriolet S line Special Edition

    hooray for me! the A4 Cab arrived today, shame it was hammering down when it was delivered. suppose there will be plenty of time to get the roof down in the summer :)
  20. Gilly

    what do do ? ? ?

    its probably the wrong time of the month to be negotiating a discount at a garage, but the Black Audi still looks a far better proposition than the plastic bodykitted Silver one. As for the BHP, who ever said 144 must have been referring to the Torque as the 2.0 petrol has 128BHP and 144 lb...