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  1. abdus

    2nd 50% off clearance sale; Menzerna goodies!

    Order Number: AJ61DR20009017 :)
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    E55 AMG detailed

    nice work ;) what did you use to spray the inside of the exhausts?
  3. abdus

    Paint Correction in London..

    you need polish instead of wax :p
  4. abdus

    Full detail - Speed Yellow Porsche 996 C4S

    Awesome...the wheels:applaus: and the car is just :hubbahubba:
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    nice :cool: mine when it was done by hand: from this:
  6. abdus

    My defects....Comments please

    If you are buying a polishing machine, you might want to give it a go yourself, if it doesn't work out good, then you have the parts resprayed. I tried some stone chips filling/polishing on mine,...worked quite well actually.: :)
  7. abdus

    removing some stone chips and UDM first use

    thanks :) will post more pics when whole car is done :) yes, it is easy with the right stuff and patience. used the guide on Polished Bliss regarding polishing :)
  8. abdus

    removing some stone chips and UDM first use

    thanks BTW, I'm from Mauritius, living in Kent atm but a liverpool fan ;)
  9. abdus

    removing some stone chips and UDM first use

    what I used: touch-up paint that already had lacquer. use a very fine brush and make sure you fill the chips, not around them. allow to dry for 24hrs, then rub down with 2500 wet and dry with plenty of fairy. don't use too much pressure though, just take your time to flatten it wash area...
  10. abdus

    removing some stone chips and UDM first use

    had a lot of stone chips on the car, got some touch-up paint, a fine brush and filled them yesterday. Then this morning used some 2500 wet and dry sandpaper to flatten the paint where it has been touched pics after flattening: Then got the UDM out with some Menzerna R3.02: then use...
  11. abdus

    Respray or touch up?

    you might want to try this: if it goes wrong, then you can get it respayed. I'll be trying this guide on mine as sson as weather allows
  12. abdus

    Cleaning engine bay?

    I normally use tetroclean engine degreaser. Slightly warm engine. then use foil (as stated above) brush tetroclean all over the engine. Wait for about 5 mins. Start engine. and pressure wash. Don't stay too long in one place. When satisfied that it's clean, leave engine to run for a further...
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    Audi service in Kent

    well, I'm ok at Bexley Audi. the parts department guys always get the techs to help/advise me when I'm doing work on the car (at home).
  14. abdus

    Audi service in Kent

    I was actually about your wherabouts in Bexleyheath... I'll pop down later and see if they can make me a nice exhaust :)
  15. abdus

    Audi service in Kent

    whereabouts in Bexleyheath? I'm in Welling, very near to you ;)
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    nice one :)
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    Cheers Mike...will post when used and satisfied with the results. :)
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    yeah, looking for 2nd-hand transformer from a friend. Just need to buy the plug. Better invest in something worthwhile and save a respray job with a crap Just above budget :huh:
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    OK, I bought one of these: no worries about burning the paint etc...
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    for example: