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  1. thegoal007

    S3 Values as of late...

    labour & parts prices seem to have written this car off with just damage to the front wing....well, that's what it looks like.
  2. thegoal007

    Car advice

    oh and report it to VW , not that they would probably do anything about it even though they will state ...we take this sort of thing very seriously ! I know as it nearly happenned to me when attempting to buy my first S3. Defintely dodgy paperwork, Audi's record did not show matching history...
  3. thegoal007

    Car advice

    so if i understand it right you do not get a history of dates and mileages if they state there is no discrepency in the mileage, but if there is they give you all the history they have. It is strange how one hpi co. gave you different info to another providing they did state they were checking...