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    Two Issues - A4 2.0tfsi 211 PS

    Hi Guys, Anyone had any of the following 1) A slight rotational grating sound. This is intermittent and hard to trace. Only noticeable on tickover after a journey and then disappears after about 5/8 seconds before you can get the bonnet up and try to trace it although it is becoming more...
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    Exhaust heat shield rattle

    Hi Guys, Anyone had a rattle from the exhaust heat shields when the car is stationary after it has been on a longish run and is thoroughly warmed through? The sound is more than the normal expected tinging of the exhaust as it cools and it sounds like either a loose heatshield or a shield...
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    Noise on cold start up

    Hi Guys, Firstly my car is a 2009 A4 SE saloon 2.0 TFSI. It has the new 2.0 litre engine which is the 211 PS version. The oil filter is on the top of the engine at the front (see later) On start up in the mornings or after the car has stood for a long period - eg. all day, I get a loudish...
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    Oil Change

    Hi Guys, Anyone done an oil change yet on a 2009 A4 2.0 FSI T ? How straightforward is it ? Does the engine cover just pull off so as to get at the oil filter which is on the top of this new engine ? The oil filter looks to be a spin on type. Does it leak oil down the front of the engine when...
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    Audi tools for filter change

    Hi Guys, My car which is a 2006 2.0 tfsi is shortly out of warranty and in future I'll be doing my own servicing. Looking at Elsawin it seems that to do an oil and filter change properly I need a) Oil filter tool 3417 which is a wrench to fit on the end of the canister (although a 36 mm...
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    suspension rattle

    Hi Guys, Had a front offside suspension rattle last week. Took the car to the stealers as it is still under warranty. Problem turned out to be the "drop link to the anti roll bar". I wondered if any one else has had this problem and if it was a common fault? Anyway if you get a suspension...
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    Oil filter location

    Hi Guys, Planning to do an oil and filter change on my A3 2.0 tfsi Sportback. (2006) I've not worked on an Audi before. Where is the oil filter? Is it a spin on type? Do I have to take the undertray off? (I know about using the correct Audi oil). Thanks for the info. Useful to know where to...
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    Stone chips - headlight protectors

    I've got a nice star chip in my nearside headlight which I hope is repairable. Has anyone got any experience of repairing a headlight rather than a screen and where did you get a kit from ? Will someone like Autoglass do it? Also has anyone got any experience of Audi's Headlight protectors and...
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    Removing Grill

    Want to take the grill off my 2.0 tfsi to give access to the radiator to remove the build up of dead flies. How straightforward is this and what's involved? I haven't got around to getting a manual yet. Thanks guys.
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    Noise in pulley region

    Hi Guys, Car is a new A3 sportback 2.0 TFSI with 2,500 miles on the clock. Over the last 2/300miles it has developed a noise at tickover in the vicinity of the pulleys. It's hard to describe - like a dullish resonance. It's not there when the car is cold only when warm. Car has been back to...