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    Blackberry torch

    Hi, I am after some help. Does the blackberry torch connect to the A5 bluetooth so it can be used hands free ?
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    Retro fit neon headlights

    Hi all, I need some advice having recently taken delivery of a fantastic 2.0 se A5. Can any one advise though whether you can retro fit the Audi "crazy" head lights as ours being not the s-line does not have them ? Thanks in advane, rep will be left for any advice received
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    Need to clean my car !!

    can you put any brand of car shampoo in it ?
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    Need to clean my car !!

    Need to spend a bit of money on cleaning equipment and have been thinking about getting a karcher pressure washer and autobrite lance. Can someone please advise if they are compatible and whether they are worth the money.
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    It's cleaning time

    that looks fantastic, I am picking up a new A6 tdie tomorrow and need to pick up some cleaning equipment to keep on top of it, where do you get all of the items listed and what else would you need, ie pressure washer etc ?
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    Engine crank sensor

    cheers markyzs180, got the part at ivc for £36 (not bosch though) and rac came out and fitted this evening - so pleased to have the wheelsback !!
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    Engine crank sensor

    yep - got their number and have to say am impressed with the service, he said if I can get the part he can call it in himself to avoid sending someone completely new. Thanks for the help
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    Engine crank sensor

    I could get hold hold of the part myself and see if rac will fit as their delay is sourcing the sensor - they have said they will fit for free and it seems easy enough to do (for some one that is mechanically minded) - what do you think
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    Engine crank sensor

    He will but probably not until later in the week, wanted it doing ideally tomorrow. If Audi were to do it for less than £100 all in, might be worth taking it to them and just getting it done don't you think
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    Engine crank sensor

    Can anyone please comment on how much a main dealer would charge to change an engine crank sensor inc part. Thanks
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    Crank sensor failure

    Hi, can anyone offer advice - I am trading my car in in one week and today it broke down ! Typical ! RAC came out and after about an hour it started and went another 20 miles home, switched it off and then failed again. The EPC light, oil pressure and engine failure light came on. The RAC...
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    AMI Ipod cable

    Hi, rather than give Audi my £29 does anyone know where you can pick up the cable for the AMI Ipod connection (current new shape models)
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    Service program on A5 2.0

    Hi all, just taken delivery of a new A5 2.0 Tfsi 180 which we love in black (maybe should have gone for S line but....). Anyway, the garage stated they have put it on fixed servicing which is a little annoying, however when you look at the service on the car's computer it says "next service due...
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    New alloys

    I have had a look at the calculator - where could you pick up 4 19" 8.5J 7 double spoke design alloys (work out at 0.61% and 4mm so that should be okay shouldn't it)
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    New alloys

    yes, I did mean that - thanks. I have had a look at the tyre calculator and that is great
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    New alloys

    Hi, I am fairly new to all this so please excuse any basic errors - I have just bought a new A6 2.0 TDIe and would like to change the alloys. It is too late to change them on the car, so can anyone recommend any - can you put a different size on, ie if they are with 17" wheels can yu put 18"...