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  1. cam87

    wheel weight and vehicle load rating

    thanks for the reply :) yeah they are oz racing ultraleggera wheels and are fitted on my mk7 golf r. i believe they have all the approvals including TuV No i wont be towing anything, most of the time its only me in the car
  2. cam87

    wheel weight and vehicle load rating

    Thanks for the reply. so since the car weighs 1360 kg give or take and the four wheels take 2280 kg max load, i would be right in thinking they are fine or normal driving?
  3. cam87

    wheel weight and vehicle load rating

    hi guys, i have a question for a wheel guru. I think i already know the answer but just want confirmation really. the vin plate on this car says 1960kg 1- 1050 kg 2- 0960 kg the wheels say max 570kg on the inside of the rim. Im right in thinking 1 means front axle weight and 2 means rear...
  4. cam87

    S3 P0045 boost sensor bank 1 ?

    had the light come on last night in the car and when i restarted it, it never came back on until this afternoon. I had it read with VCDS and it said P0045 boost sensor bank 1 open circuit Anyone had this fault? i pressume its a case of just changing the sensor at the dealers? thanks
  5. cam87

    722H turbo blown

    i have just been reading this link - looks like the 4th revision is not bullet proof either
  6. cam87

    H&R/ Eibach springs on S3?

    thanks for the advice, i think i will be putting the springs on then.
  7. cam87

    S-Tronic APR Remap!

    i know, thats what i thought but even when you look at the prices of the other dsg maps APR offer you are still looking at £598 inc vat on a 8P S3 for example. If this is the case i think it will be going with Revo, had 3 cars mapped with them now and never had an issue and the customer service...
  8. cam87

    S3 oil top up?

    i was given a litre of quantum longlife 3 and have just used that
  9. cam87

    H&R/ Eibach springs on S3?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm honestly not a massive fan of the set up on the S3, i know its basically a mature hot hatch but coming Evo's, Type R's etc its too soft for my liking, even the 2 8P S3's (pre facelift/facelift) felt stiffer.
  10. cam87

    S-Tronic APR Remap!

    i spoke to awesome gti the other day and they said they are trying to unlock the 2015 cars as audi has put an anti tamper on the them. Was also told it would be £700 inc vat?! i spoke to revo and they the dsg map is in its final testing about should be £300+vat.
  11. cam87

    H&R/ Eibach springs on S3?

    I know a few people have had these springs fitted and i have seen pics via google etc but i couldn't find anything to suggest the handling was improved over standard. I know the ride is unsettled when pressing on down bumpy country lanes etc but i was thinking of fitting one of the above springs...
  12. cam87

    Rattle from lower driver's side door

    just to add to this i had the passenger height adjuster adjusted on mine a few weeks back
  13. cam87

    Q5 P2002 - particulate trap bank 1 - DTC help

    Thanks for the reply :) Any idea on cost please? My mate is based in Manchester so not too far
  14. cam87

    ***** RTR ***** (REPORT THE RATTLE)

    just noticed this on my s3. 15 plate
  15. cam87

    s tronic throttle response adjustment?

    Just wondered if it was possible to adjust the settings with vcds to make the throttle abit more responsive, like the same the dtuk pedal box does? Thanks
  16. cam87

    ECU counter 1/1

    Thanks for the reply, From what i can gather if it has a flash tool code then its a dealer that's done it but if not it suggests remap etc. Some say the counter should be 0 with the factory flash and would only move up if it had been updated during service etc. My car is a 15 plate and when i...
  17. cam87

    ECU counter 1/1

    just a quick question has anyone checked the ecu counter via vagcom/vcds just out of curiosity? I got this - Friday,05,June,2015,23:05:36:35054 VCDS Version: Release 14.10.2 (x64) Address 19: CAN Gateway Flash Status Programming Attempts(application): 1/1 Successful...
  18. cam87

    quick s-tronic question

    thanks for the replies. i just wanted to make sure that was all, i always select sport when pressing on. It wasn't an issue i just wanted to make sure it wasn't a fault. thanks :)
  19. cam87

    quick s-tronic question

    when you are in drive(D) and you floor the accelerator past the kick down switch is the car supposed to change to sport(S) or does it stay in drive but just drop down. Is sport only engaged when selected through driving modes or knocking the gearstick backwards? Mine stays in drive but I could...