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    Could be bye bye Black Edition

    Only had my sportback BE for four months, but the hard ride and limited spec has been more difficult to live with than I thought. Had a call from a dealer offering a pre-reg A5 Sportback SE (Softer suspension for the older chap :icon_thumright:) with lots of options. Good price to change and...
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    'New' multitronic!

    I may have the opportunity of a pre-reg A4 2.0d with a Multitronic gearbox. I'm usually a manual man and have read all the horror stories about the box. Has it been improved? As it's a private purchase, I don't want to be facing disaster in a few years!!
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    Black Edition wheels leaking air!

    I'm having a problem with one of my rear wheels constantly losing air. There isn't a puncture so it must be the fitting of the tyre. Has anyone else had a similar problem. I'd take it to the dealer and get them to do it, but I suspect some major 'sucking of teeth' would take place. The car is...
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    A4-19", Leather, AMI

    I'm looking at buying a pre-reg A4. It's fitted with 19" alloys, leather interior and AMI. Now I'm changing from an A3 S0Line BE,because the ride is just too hard! (Must be getting old). Does an A4 ride any better and is a car with 19" going from the frying pan to the fire! The I-Pod interface...
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    Sportback mudguards.

    I've just bought a Sportback BE and seeing the rubbish that's getting thrown up the side of the car, think it needs some mud flaps. I've seen a set from an Audi dealer on e-bay for £64 posted, but there seems to be differences in the ones you need. My car is a sportback s-line black edition. Can...
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    Long life oil.

    I've just picked up my A3 2.0d 140 BE and it's on the long life service interval. Obviously want to keep an eye on the levels and top up where necessary. I'd like some recommendations as to what the best oil to buy is.
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    Phone question.

    This is probably a very silly question..but I'm pretty clueless where mobile technology is concerned. My last car had an integral phone with all the gubbins. I'm about to pick up my A3 that has the GSM phone prep. I know it works off bluetooth (or the extortionate cradle) and can be controlled...