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  1. NormantheDog


    Just checking out insurance, Current RS3 model £550 Current TT RS model £240 - WTF?
  2. NormantheDog

    Garage Flooring

    Want to tidy my dusty garage floor up which was built about 5 years ago but want to use half the garage as a gym so have been looking at BigDug interlocking rubber floor tiles 14mm thick. Not cheap but should do a good job the question I wanted to ask has anyone fitted these and how much...
  3. NormantheDog

    RS3 2015 Front Grille Badge

    I want to replace the front chrome grille Audi badge with a black one can anyone recommend the best place to buy this please and are they snap on? Presumably eBay is my friend but wanted to know if anyone had bought one they were happy with so I can avoid cheap imitation ones. Any help...
  4. NormantheDog

    Audi Finance

    I'm sure it has been asked before but if I have the cash to pay for my car outright are there any benefits in taking out the finance - I know all the disadvantages of using their finance. If there are any advantages and you take it out but pay it off within the first two weeks presumably you...
  5. NormantheDog

    Audi Build

    Does anyone have timescales for the different build sections or at least how long it takes from the panel shop to leaving the factory? Thanks