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    power conection behind the stearingwheel?

    Just my 2 cents... I've got the Sportback without radio. I was going to mount a Becker Mexico Pro myself, but I was surprised to only see 3 wires on the black connector. I soon figured out that one was for the mass, the other for the permanent power. There's a third (blue) wire sitting on...
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    I almost had it...

    [ QUOTE ] 60 miles on the odo is a bit excessive for a pdi test drive ! [/ QUOTE ] I know. I contacted the salesman and he doesn't understand it either. He didn't give me a clear answer but it seems likes he's ignoring that they did it. I'm going to escalate it to the leasing company...
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    I almost had it...

    I was going to collect my Sportback today at 18:00 I couldn't make it however because the highway was completely blocked because of 2 car crashes Someone doesn't want me to drive this nice car First a 3 week delay and now this It's driving me I've now got a new apointment tomorrow at...
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    What do people think about the Caractere Bodykit?

    I just love it but with the chrome
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    production delay!

    Mine is the 1.9 and I already ordered it beginning of november so these delays shouldn't affect me.
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    production delay!

    My Sportback should have been delivered this week (week 4 build) but my dealer tells me that there's a delay in production. I'll have to wait for another 2 weeks! Appearantly my car is in production but not yet finished. I don't believe the Does anybody else got this "delay" problem?
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    A3 v BMW1 again!

    I was first going for a 1 but I was very disappointed after a test drive and here's why: - absolutely no room in the back. They should have made it a 3-door. - terrible view while driving backwords. A very small rear window and the rear mirrors are badly shaped. - interior looks cheap -...
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    Gets built this week.

    It's a busy week for Audi because mine is also a week 4 built. All depends on how they started counting weeks this year. Normally the first week corresponds to the first day of the year. This means we are week 5. But I assume that Audi starts counting from the first monday of the year Can...