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    Resonator Delete - 2016 2.0T 252 Quattro

    Has anyone installed the resonator delete option for the 2.0T 252 Quattro? I have a 2016 Avant. The car is so quiet - my previous 2012 B8 2.0T Q at least had some exhaust noise in standard form. I don't want to install a whole exhaust system, remove cats, change downpipes etc I have found...
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    2010 2.0Tfsi Quattro engine failure

    Hi All, So the reliability of the CDNC 2.0T fsi engine strikes again. I bought my 2010 2.0Tfsi quattro avant last October from an independent with 92k on the clock. It was in great nick, and had clearly spend the 1st 4 years of its life on the motorway. Being the fastidious sort of chap I am, I...
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    2.0T Quattro Revo Stage 1 & Bilstein B12

    Hi all, I have a 2010 2.0T Quattro Avant SE and having had it for about 6 months and getting used to "stock", I'm having a Revo Stage 1 remap done, and the Bilstein B12 Pro kit installed. Questions to you all is what's your experience of the Revo Stage 1? I have been looking for a while, and...