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  1. warrenlord

    Loom wire! Airbag seat wire! Please help!

    Please could someone confirm what type of wire is used for the plugs under the seats in the a3. What gauge wire and if its a specific type for the electrics and air bag plug ? Any help is very appreciated !
  2. warrenlord

    A3 New shape gear shifter help !

    Ok can anyone help with this please ! am after this gear stick but 5 speed with the white/grey stitching.. with the dimpled leather at the top also ! part number would be great ! Original Audi s Line 2010 Gear Shift Knob A3 S3 8P Sportback 5OR6 Speed | eBay Any help is greatly appriciated
  3. warrenlord

    TDI back box removal ? New tips

    Ok so I think my back box is blowing.. I was thinking of just having a straight pipe with new tips put on but... whats the down side to this ? Will it fail emissions,smoke loads or sound stupid ? Am only taking this as an option as its much cheaper than an original new back box. Its also a...
  4. warrenlord

    Temp sensor ! Help !

    Ok I need to know what's the crack with the ambient temp sensor ? My fans run all the time when the ignition is on and there isn't a outside temp showing on the trip.. Fans are running full whack My buddy scanned the car with his gadgets and said it was the ambient temp sensor !? How can I...
  5. warrenlord

    Seat wiring type help!!

    Hi Pretty sure someone will know what am after Basically I rewired my seat looms when I fitted the a5 seats as the plugs were different but after time because the loom was a little short or just general movement of the front seat (3door) it's frayed the wire turning the airbag light on...
  6. warrenlord

    ! A3 Front coilover set up!

    Ive had a good look but cant see what i want.. has anyone got any pics of there front coilover set up off the car ready to put up in the wheel well? with the top mount and all the bits attached? any help is greatly appreciated
  7. warrenlord

    275 45 20 bridge-stone sport tyres

    If anyone needs some 275 45 20 Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport tyres for their Q7 or the relevant vehicle give us a shout i have four in great condition,even wear all with 7mm should cost near £780+ new Untitled by warren lord, on Flickr Get in touch if there use to you.
  8. warrenlord

    Removing B pillars-visor clips.

    Sorry to ask but am not sure how to do it, Does anyone know how you remove the clip thats left once you take off the sun visor? and the B pillars with the seat belts in? looks like it could be abit of effort tbh ! Thanks for any help you may have. Warren
  9. warrenlord

    RS3 little accident

    Looks like some cant handle the power :laugh: crashtest-6259540579699429099 by warren lord, on Flickr
  10. warrenlord

    Roof Lining query! dye help

    Ok can anyone remember who it was who was dyeing their roof lining recently on this forum? and anyone had experience with this and what to use, is the valeting dye you see on ebay upto the job? i might strip it all out and dye it all, then spray all the bits black ? thanks
  11. warrenlord

    Seat airbag plug.

    Quick one,can anyone confirm which is the airbag plug on the bottom of the seats?
  12. warrenlord

    Clock instrument problems?

    So basically I've re set when my service is due :/ how do I put the amount back on? As now it's says am due one in 9k haha :laugh:
  13. warrenlord

    Heater control units

    A friend has a bog standard a3, he wants to replace his current heater controls to the one above his with the digital screen ect. Just wanted to know if it would be plug and play or wil he need any coding? Any help would be grateful.
  14. warrenlord

    Engine oil specs.

    Engine oil lights just come on, am normally ontop of things but been busy. basically whats the correct oil to put in a 1.9tdi on around 33k? ive got some but dout ill be putting it in unless its correct. any help is very much appreciative maybe list this as a sticky for other engines and...
  15. warrenlord

    Panel filters?

    At some point am going to map my car. (1.9TDI) would it be recomended that if i was to fit a better filter would be before the map? and Anyone fitted a K&N or upgraded panel filter and seen any minor differances ? slight sound/power change? i know it will be next to nothing but squeezing power...
  16. warrenlord

    Steering wheel fault?

    Quick one, ive recently put my main 19's wheels back on today. One or two changes seem to have happen, the steering has become lighter than when it was on stock 17's, this down to tracking? But i did notice it went stiff wen put on 17's for winter. And also the steering wheel has started...
  17. warrenlord

    2011- Rear Red/Black Tails

    Not been on in ages so happy new year everyone, Has anyone know how much the newest tail lights are from audi or anyone in the uk? Not sure if to buy from Germany as they seem cheap but unsure on uk prices. Thanks Edit: sorry if this has been covered.
  18. warrenlord

    Vagcom help?

    Sorry, I did have a search but having to use my iPhone, I read in one of the threads you can enable a alarm bleep for the 8p, someone I know has a lead but not sure if it will go to my year (06). If it doesn't can anyone point out the right cable and if it poss for a noob to enable the...
  19. warrenlord

    A3- warren's.

    just abit of an progress or lack of thread. got hold of some 19's, am going to go for 225,35's i think am goin to chuck them on and see how big the arch gap is an work out what i could get away with, 45/50mm springs or coilovers which i think i will end up needing. ive just done the usual...
  20. warrenlord

    strange sound. another sound thread

    i have a 1.9tdi 06 3door, there is a strange sound what kicks in when accelerating, when in lower gears (2nd and 3rd) the sound is more fast paced and seems to start when the boost from the turbo kicks in, and when in 5th the sound slows in pace when cruising. its the type of sound like when...