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  1. jerseypaul

    This is the Audi e-bike...

    Stunning. Should be 2 wheel drive!! Duoattro power
  2. jerseypaul

    The best mod I've ever done!

    I would paint the extension reel black for the full stealth look. thinking of doing this in my van for a while now. be good to read the OBD port for live car data and diagnostics.
  3. jerseypaul

    Audi OEM led number plate lights fitted with pics

    Hi gang. got the bulb out warning when fired up with the engine running. solutions? power resistor /! Vag home VCDS?
  4. jerseypaul

    Audi OEM led number plate lights fitted with pics

    Hi gang. just posted this in the Rs3 forum.
  5. jerseypaul

    Different colour bumpers on my spanking new S3...

    I would defo agree with the above ^ Seen loads of ibis before with no difference.
  6. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    Epic turbo lag then hold on to your trousers. They are quite heavy the S and RS2 over 1800kgs. Compared to the RS3 which is 1500kgs. All have bags of character but it's great that they've added loads to the RS3 too. the gear changes are stunning with the sport button on - it barks at you.
  7. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    It was a cancelled order so no choice on spec, but only had to wait 3 weeks.
  8. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    It went to the best possible home. here it is with its new owners collection:
  9. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    The car was around 14 years old at that point. it had just undergone a "windows out" restoration and was box fresh. it was totally standard on its original clutch and exhaust. loved it. less than 90 uk versions left.
  10. jerseypaul

    My progression to my new RS3

    The first RS model produced, owned for 11 years then came the practice S3 SB then every now and then an opportunity presents itself - my new RS3: Ill be over in the RS section a bit I guess. Loved all the projects, mods and info here. see you around.
  11. jerseypaul

    Looked at RS3

    Hi gang. I am lucky enough to be getting Daytona grey RS3 in the next few days. I also owned an RS2 for 12 years and am currently in an S3 SB. The RS3 is just about right to me - understated. the RS2 was superb although quite heavy and the styling understated enough. looking forward to getting...
  12. jerseypaul

    Bye bye A3 Sport, hello A3 Black Edition

    Another Stormtroopermobile. enjoy.
  13. jerseypaul

    One out...One in

    Loving the ibis. its what storm troopers would drive.
  14. jerseypaul


    Go and buy a Saxo or an Astra van if you want to drive like that.
  15. jerseypaul

    time to say goodbye to my car 3.2 v6

    Good luck with the sale and the new beast. get my RS3 in 2 weeks so I know the waiting feeling.
  16. jerseypaul

    New A3 vid - German
  17. jerseypaul

    Audi A3 170 Back....but not completely Fixed

    Get this sorted straight away. you cannot sit in a sealed box with carbon based fumes in it! Did the garage not test drive it and find the same? Good luck with the fix.
  18. jerseypaul

    My Audi A3 from Germany

    Great looking car. not seen that wheel / bumper combination before. will the guy with the RS3 body kit thread take a look at how it is supposed to be done. much love. paul
  19. jerseypaul

    RS3 Body kit anyone!?

    OMG. fair play to all the hours of work and money spent. but they don't look like RS3's