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  1. dsmclark40v

    Hire car roulette

    Avis in America are pretty good if you are avis prefered. you can pick any car you want when you are there and they just check you out as you leave the car park and you pay the extra. They should bring that out here I think
  2. dsmclark40v

    Fantasy Top Gear team

    Ken Block has amazing driving skills but no real personality. I don't think the vast majority of people watched it for their car reviews to be honest
  3. dsmclark40v

    Ebay idiot, advice required

    where abouts in the UK is the buyer? you never know someone on here might be able to collect them and then hold onto them until they sell again or something for some beer money :beerchug:
  4. dsmclark40v

    Met Anyone Famous ?

    I met Verne Troyer on a plane once. He is even smaller than he looks on TV! he almost got run over by the air stewardess with the trolley
  5. dsmclark40v

    Hit a deer

    No you couldn't as that would be poaching. But anyone else driving past is welcome take it to eat or sell. TPS is Trade Parts Specialist CLICK There should be one near you. Or try ebay
  6. dsmclark40v

    Rear indicator lens for an old Audi

    Euro car parts sell them. I had to buy one once when someone broke mine. The colour was slightly off but wasn't that noticeable
  7. dsmclark40v

    Abu Dhabi F1 circuit

    I've stayed in Yas Island a few times when over there for work. Sadly not when the F1 is on and never been on the track but I have been to ferrari world on gone on the worlds fastest rollercoaster
  8. dsmclark40v

    anyone use bell insurance ?

    I am with them currently but won't be renewal time! Thanks for the heads up
  9. dsmclark40v

    ASN's Pub

    Is Crazy88 in here? If so clear your PM inbox out mate I'm trying to send you a message :icon_thumright:
  10. dsmclark40v

    Recommend me a PDR specialist - Hampshire/Kent/Sussex

    Yeah Dingoes will be able to come out to you. They have never done any work on any of my cars but they have removed dents for a few friends of mine. Their website is Dingoes Dent Removal in case you missed it in my last post
  11. dsmclark40v

    Recommend me a PDR specialist - Hampshire/Kent/Sussex

    where abouts in hampshire are you? Dingoes are pretty good
  12. dsmclark40v

    The all-new RS 4 Avant

    Yes they copied Subaru :lmfao: I know what you mean though doesn't look as wide bodied as it should for an RS Still would like one though
  13. dsmclark40v

    I need some wheel spacers?

    Here is the 8mm on the front and the 15mm on the rear Depends what look you want from it. I wanted to have the face of the wheel almost flush with the wheel arch. The 15mm on the rear does that nicely but the front could have done with 10mm instead of the 8mm. Funnily enough I saw your car...
  14. dsmclark40v

    I need some wheel spacers?

    I personally wouldn't cheap out on spacers. I've got H&R 8mm on the front and 15mm on the rear. I bought them from but they get shipped straight from Germany so where every you can find the best price I believe they match it. note that on their website they list the total...
  15. dsmclark40v

    How many miles did your new car have?

    I've been in there a few times as we have some equipment on some of the cranes. I often wondered if they just leave the keys in the cars otherwise you'd have to walk around with a wheelbarrow full of keys all the time. Also the first time I went there we just drove in past security and waved...
  16. dsmclark40v

    Stance & ride height

    Seems like he's going for this look
  17. dsmclark40v

    Katy Perry's replacement...

    ZULlicNzg8I :hubbahubba:
  18. dsmclark40v

    RIP - Leslie Nielson

    I couldn't believe it when I heard it on the news this morning as I'd just watched naked gun last night! Sad day
  19. dsmclark40v

    Bumped into an old friend today...

    Ahh yes those look more like it
  20. dsmclark40v

    Bumped into an old friend today...

    Still think there is something fishy about the car because of the front brakes, not calling you a liar jojo but compared to the front brakes on this one.. Edit: and the back brakes come to think of it and sorry about the picture size