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  1. Andy1608

    Lucky escape!

    I saw this and was going to post myself. wouldn't be best please if they asked me to pop down to the dealership cause there has been a slight miss hap and my car was in the middle of carnage. I'd definitely be asking for a decent courtesy car for a few months
  2. Andy1608

    What is your favorite breed of dog?

    What does everyone do here with their dog in the car, I'm seriously considering swapping the s-line for an SE cause buddy likes to be all over the car and it stresses me out worrying he will damage the leather
  3. Andy1608

    Fantasy Top Gear team

    I maintain every time I watch the programme I should present too but to be honest I'm not sure I'd be any different to then anyway. Who doesn't wish they could do crazy random sh*t to cars and just generally lark about havig a laugh and getting paid very damn well for doing it .
  4. Andy1608

    Fantasy Top Gear team

    You do know you don't have to watch this programme don't you lol. There is like a 1000 other channels on sky you could put on. I don't like soaps, I don't moan about I, I just don't watch them.
  5. Andy1608

    Guy Martin in India. Sunday 1st February Channel 4 @ 9pm

    That's what I like about it. still works, more interested in a 9-5 job than anyhing, I think if he didn't have an understanding boss he would honestly say no to the tv and tt and work on trucks full time. I bet if you went for a brew with him he'd probably ask you more questions than you'd ask...
  6. Andy1608

    Guy Martin in India. Sunday 1st February Channel 4 @ 9pm

    The word legend should be re wrote in the dictionary and have his name connected with it.
  7. Andy1608

    Kink on ASN ???

    Looks like miniature binoculars to me. last handcuffs I was wearing didn't look like that but then again the cuntstable putting them on my wrists wasn't offering to take me to bed either.
  8. Andy1608

    Met Anyone Famous ?

    Jimmy Savile, got my picture taken on his knee (no fingering jokes please) clearly famous now for all the wrong reasons but all my mates still take the **** out of me for it so everyone else might as well.
  9. Andy1608

    Wedding Guests

    Doesn't matter what you do when it comes to weddings cause someone always seems to get ****** off. do what makes you both happy and fudge everyones opinions.
  10. Andy1608

    What is your favorite breed of dog?

    Buddy 4 month old cockapoo. He's awesome but nuts at times too. I'd love a chow chow if they weren't so damn expensive.
  11. Andy1608

    Racing Legends.. (Two Wheels)

    Watched it, loved it. Been from York I can't tell you how many times I've been to olivers mount with Scarborough only been down the road.
  12. Andy1608

    New Driving Licences to Display Union Jack

    Can I not request the St Georges flag on mine then lol
  13. Andy1608

    So outside of Audi... whats your favourite car?

    I'd love a Ford model A hotrod. I love my super cars and stuff don't get me wrong, if I'm thinking super car it's got to be the aventador for me.
  14. Andy1608

    New R8 for 2015

    Employe a pretty girl and film her talking utter bo**ocks, become a youtube sensation lol. I'd live one in white
  15. Andy1608

    Do u even lift ?

    Yeah good idea. Any exercise that's body weight is already good so adding weight only makes it more beneficial
  16. Andy1608

    If you were a footballer which Audi would you go for

    Footballers are generally tw**s so they should pick another brand and not bring the audi brand down by giving it a **** looking wrap or drive it like an utter bell end.
  17. Andy1608

    What's on top of your tree this year?

    Dust cause it's still in the box in the shed where it plans to stay lol
  18. Andy1608

    GloBro... Might change the way you pee

    I'm safe, girlfriend loves me cause I'm a sit down pee man. much more comfy anyway and saves on the ear ache too so bonus alround.
  19. Andy1608

    Do u even lift ?

    I'm a keen gym goer. In everyday if I can, that's mainly for health reasons. Do a lot of cardio as I suffer from cystic fibrosis. still love to hit the weights too though, have a friend who competes in strongman so use to train with him, all be it with lot less weight lol. Tried all kind of...
  20. Andy1608

    Solar Panels

    I'm getting mine priced up Tuesday.