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  1. Tommy

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Havent posted some pictures of my car in a while so i thought i might as well upload some on here now im selling it. Had a few bits a pieces done from what you can see but nothing major. As i said its up for sale so ill create an ad on here, if anyone is interested then please let me know.
  2. Tommy


    Im a car salesman mate, we say anyone who does over 12k a year needs a diesel. And tbh, the 140 2.0 tdi will be perfect for what you need.
  3. Tommy

    Few bits and pieces

    Sorry ive not been in touch my internet has been down the last few days, the grill i had is now sold, but it was a single black optics s3 grill. Ive only got one picture of the car which was took on my phone, ill get that up tomorrow..
  4. Tommy

    Few bits and pieces

    Ill get some pictures tomorrow after its had a clean! Where abouts in sheff are you from?! Replied. Thanks for that, not just me then lol. But thats what im thinkin/hoping! Apart from the milage its a really tidy car, few stone chips on the bonnet but you can expect that with the milage!
  5. Tommy

    Few bits and pieces

    I know! Very high milage, was a company car i was told so all motorway driving
  6. Tommy

    Brand new S3 stolen

    GAP/VRI (Vehicle Replacement Insurance) works with your insurance company. Basically your insurance group will give you what they think the car is worth on the day of total loss/written off/stolen whatever. That might not be as much as the car is worth, vri makes up the difference between what...
  7. Tommy

    Brand new S3 stolen

    Shocking news mate, tell me you purchased gap or vri with the car? Well worth getting when purchasing brand new audi's....
  8. Tommy

    What colour?

    purple....hahahaaa White? white grill, mirrors....roof etc etc :s just a thought I dont think black looks bad at all..
  9. Tommy

    Few bits and pieces

    Basically with my job im able to get a demo, i have to be 20 and im turnin 20 in august. I only work for citroen but they're bringin the ds3 out in march and tbh, its a quality car, very well built and the 150 thp is pretty quick too. Anyway, ive got some bits up for sale as i think its...
  10. Tommy

    From SE to SExual

    I cant believe how high it was before you lowered it?! Was it on highering springs?! Looks a lot better now though..
  11. Tommy

    Will it fit or wont it lol

    Put it this way, ive just had mine painted and its sat in my kitchen, looks exactly the same as that...Bargain at this price too
  12. Tommy

    The A3 has a new brother!

    VTECCC!!! Very fun cars, always liked the look of them too, nice car buddy.
  13. Tommy

    Interior trim

    Dont vinyl wrapp it! Ive tried it, its impossible to wrapp around the curve on the front bit, unless you can find some stretchy stuff. Ive painted mine matt and it looks good, but like boydie said, its laminated so make sure you nib it off with some 1500, or 2000 first, then primer, nib off...
  14. Tommy

    More evidence for NHN's report

    Your not havin much luck with audi's lad are ya!!!!
  15. Tommy

    Matt black RS6 alloys

    Either will look miles better when its on coilies! Id leave them till they're on, they might look different again.
  16. Tommy

    Black front grille surround trim on stock grey s-line grille

    Im sure people will have done it in the past, im sure its very easy to do, unclip the grill paint it, and then pop it back on, looks a lot better too...
  17. Tommy

    Matt black RS6 alloys

    I think a lighter grey would look better than matt black too!
  18. Tommy

    Exhaust Trim

    You want to be gettin the twin exhaust tip, that looks like a 1.6 exhaust tip..
  19. Tommy

    S3 Lowering

    hmmmmm i wonder what break horse that focus is running!!
  20. Tommy

    Is this your car ?

    I cant honestly say. Even if they did buy the spoiler off him, he would need permission to use their pics which im sure he wont have done...