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    driving in eruope

    the car you say dammmit AA did not tell me about that lol
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    driving in eruope

    thanks guys i have all the high viz vests 1st aid kit, spare bulbs have a spear wheel so no foam also needed a fire extinguisher law over there and winter tyers radar detector dont have one just need to turn off the speed cam part of my sat nav for france not that i will be going nuts so no...
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    driving in eruope

    hi every one as above im going to be driving to czech next week i have most things but iv been told i need to take my log book can any one clear this up for me as it seems strange
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    What is the best laptop on the market right now?

    have just been through this myself and can say the lenovo/ibm is really some thing worth buying i have the lenovo g575 with hd lcd screen and 4gm ram and 750gb memory dule core proser 1.3khz so 2.6 in full love it mate