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    For Sale 1.9TDI Stainless steel boost pipework and EGR delete

    The main boost pipe was made in small batches by a forum member, and named after him, affectionatly known as "Dovit Pipe". For pics and details see: Also available, EGR delete manufactured by TDI tuning company...
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    A3 Quattro TDI Re-Shell Into Audi TT225

    Loving the progress, keep up the good work! I am curious how do you get it through the MOT? As it will be a 1.8T petrol on the v5 so the test center will be expecting a cat and will the emissions be within spec? Whats the score with insurance also ? Sorry for the boring questions :P I own a...
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    A3 Quattro TDI Re-Shell Into Audi TT225

    Looks the same as every other naked 4 pot block - boring compared to bigger bretheren :) Even more impressive is when it is cruising on the motorway at 60/70 will return stock MPG of 50+! This looks like a fantastic project. I must ask though, what power are you trying to acheive, as 240bhp...
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    New A3 8L TDI Quattro owner - already has slipping clutch

    While your maintaining your new pride and joy, do the haldex oil and filter, rear diff oil, gearbox oil, and stick to Motul VW Specific 505.01 spec engine oil every 10k miles and enjoy some quality german motoring.
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    New A3 8L TDI Quattro owner - already has slipping clutch

    I have a tdi quatty. My clutch slipped the first day I bought it (92k miles), and has done ever since if I give it full beans in a high gear. Driven it for over 40k miles over two years with it (now 135k miles), I reckon it has got another 20k left in it. The DMF is around £300 for a standard...
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    Best Oil for 1.9tdi?

    Aaron, Interesting this topic comes up. I also did a lot of looking at the 507 vs the old 505.01 spec recommended for the pd130. It turns out the 507 spec superceeded the 505.01 along with many other specifications, and while it covered the majority of the old 505.01 characteristics, it did...
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    DIY: chassis stiffners and cabin struts

    If you are talking about rear strut braces, the 4wd 8L chassis doesn't require one, as the rear floor pan ends up so high up the rear strut towers, it is essentially part of the chassis. Never heard of partial bracing going from different pillars to different pillars, mimicking a roll cage.
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    Audi a3 1.9tdi gearbox crunch

    Haha agreed! Another sucker I convinced it was a good idea :) Glad to hear you got it sorted in the end Geoff.
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    Audi a3 1.9tdi gearbox crunch

    Sorry mate, think you got the wrong end of the.... gearstick. The syncros are brass rings inside the box, which allow the different speeds of different sized gears to mate smoothly. I think you are referring to the the linkage mechanism, which on your the 8L chassis will be cable change, which...
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    Audi a3 1.9tdi gearbox crunch

    I cannot see how water would have caused any crunching, as its sealed. However the 8L isn't getting any younger and I would advise anyone with 80k+ miles on their car to change gbox oil. Simple enough, there is a drain hole on the front of the box below the starter motor (may need m8 12pt...
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    Koni STR

    Haha, pure genius.
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    3DR 8P seats into 8L

    They are recaro pole positions, and are perfect on a track, but day to day are useless in comparison to the 8L S3 recaros, no thigh, lumbar or head rest support.
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    3DR 8P seats into 8L

    Why would you do this? The 8L S3 recaros are better than any 8p seat ?
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    Water Cooled Intercooler

    The warm water will be both evaporating and dripping off the IC, and therefore removing heat from it. You are correct in so much as, if you have a decent FMIC setup not pushed to its heat dissipation limits, then you will not notice any difference, unless you are static in traffic (or dyno) and...
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    S3 is back :)

    The picture is not great, but they look like r32 brakes from this angle.
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    A sad day today folks... im leaving the S3 club

    Epic choice of motor matey, good luck to you. Though you can't get much more highly strung than the S54 in the e46 m3, whats that awesome noise 8000rpm redline, with peak power at 7900!!! Im sure it was one of the highest NA power engines for the displacement when it was created, or one of its...
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    AVS-Longlife Servicing, Engine Death as a consequence-Oil Pickup pipe etc

    Funny you should say that, as after years of people banging on about their 1.8t pickups, I got scared and bought one for my 1.9tdi, as for <£15, during an oil change, dropping the sump is no biggie. @100k on the clock, was pretty clean in their to be honest, the pickup pipe was pretty clean and...
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    Added Security Review...

    Pull the fuel pump fuse - old'un and a good'un
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    1.9 TDI PD 130 tuning

    C'mon Aaron, as a TDIQ owner, I expect more from you than mis-information. A hybrid VNT17 will provide in the region of 225-230 on respected rolling roads. This is on standard injectors, albeit on there absolute limit, still 225-230 on standard injectors is where it stands. A GTB2256VK with...
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    1.9 TDI PD 130 tuning

    Done a lot of research on the subject, 230 is attainable with the standard turbo with hybrid internals, turbo dynamics do a bolt on with a brand new OE garret turbo with the hybrid internals for pretty much bang on 1k. With a remap this will see you 220-230 on standard injectors and intercooler...