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  1. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Here is a photo of the install... -> The video is off iPhone and its TopGear, but you should be able to make it out. All in, im quite happy with the install, just wish i could control ipod
  2. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Well its done!!! I got myself one of these -> Took me about 15 min to get it installed and checked it was working fine, then about a hour after that to route cables as i wanted to. I also got myself...
  3. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Well i have been thinking of getting one of these for months, and now, i some how knocked my mouse and bought one... Lets hope it works well.. I plan to connect ipod to it, so i can watch films off it and also play the music.
  4. stevehall

    Audi bluetooth kit

    I am thinking of doing this. Do you have a guide as the link is no longer working.
  5. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Thanks! What do you run through it? Was it just a simple plug and play? Whats the quality like?
  6. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Umm that alpine looks good.. but the £90 is more my price range...
  7. stevehall

    Video to RNS-E

    Hi All! I have retro installed an RNS-e into my A4 and now i would like to be able to play videos on the head unit off an ipod or similar with composite connections... What multi-media input devices do people use? (I don’t have the TV tuner installed) Steve
  8. stevehall

    Retrofit Freeview in 08 A4 Avant (RNS-E)

    I dont have the answer, but i want to do this with my A4 05 with an RNS-e
  9. stevehall

    RNS-E worth it?

    I fancy getting an RNS-E for my A4 B7 Avant, I have been watching e-bay for months now and they seem to be going for about £350+ but are they worth that? and what are the common faults with them? I always want to try and stay standard, so don’t really want to get an aftermarket drive. I just...