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  1. AK47UK

    Do I need to replace my rear wiper motor?

    Last night my rear wiper started going at high speed, to turn it off I had to move my stalk into the on position. Later that night the wiper started again and nothing would switch it off. I read up about the problem on here and found it can be the jet hose has leaked or other problems so first...
  2. AK47UK

    Does the 1.8 TFSI suffer chain tensioner issues?

    I just got back from my service at an Audi specialist and at the end they say me down and warned me about a problem with the chain tensioner on my year of car, they said Audi used two different tensioners on the drive chain, one of which was known for releasing and damaging the engine to the...
  3. AK47UK

    Where to get the battery flat fuses (for AMSS)

    I have finally got my hands on an AMSS and am getting the bits together for the install. The guide uses a flat 40A fuse with the plastic on it, all I can find is what seems to be bare flat fuses...
  4. AK47UK

    Adapting seats to fit another model? Specifically rear 8V seats into an 8P

    Hi all, I recently bought a set of full leather 8V seats to fit to my 8P. I expected the rears to be a complete mismatch but compared them to my 8P seats and they are more similar then I thought they would be. The top half seems to fit into place fine but the bottom of the rear makes contact...
  5. AK47UK

    Audi A3 8P front seat male airbag connectors

    I feel silly requesting such a small part but can't find them elsewhere. I have just bought 8V seats and will be fitting to my 8P. The airbag plugs need changing so I need a pair of 8P plugs. P/N: 4e0 972 576 I would bundle other stuff with this but don't think I need anything else to get them...
  6. AK47UK

    Can I drive my car after removing the passenger seat?

    I haven't been able to find out if 8V seats are a straight fit into an 8P so I am thinking of removing my passenger seat and taking the car to someone selling a set of 8V seats to see if they simply fit into place. Obviously to do this I will be disconnecting the passenger airbag and so an...
  7. AK47UK

    8V seats into an 8P?

    I saw someone on here had done it but I didn't see how. Are the front seats a straight fit? How easy is it to change the wiring plugs for heated seats and airbags? I assume the rears won't fit. Cheers
  8. AK47UK

    Will a 096 battery fit my 2010 8P 1.8TFSi?

    All websites say I need a 027 battery in my car but they are rated around 63Ah whereas my stock battery is 70Ah. I measured my battery as best I could without removing it and it is 275x190x180mm which is near enough the size of the 096. Can I use this battery in my car...
  9. AK47UK

    A3 Coil Pack Clips

    Hi, can you please quote 4 x 4B0973724. Thanks :)
  10. AK47UK

    1.8 TFSI error code P0304 Misfire / P130A Cylinder disabling

    Need a bit of advice on this one please. Was out driving last night, was on nice wide empty roads so was going fairly fast but nothing over 70ish. Suddenly the car drove a little rough and the EMC was on and EML flashed. From then on the car drove really lumpy as if it was struggling with such...
  11. AK47UK

    Power Magic Pro - Shuts down camera when car unlocked?

    Finally my PMP seems to be working ok, I have set it to 36 hours so will probably find out Sunday if it powers the camera off ok but now I have a question. My PMP is set to 11.8v, I have noticed twice now that I have unlocked my car and got into it, shortly after the Blackvue DR550 says it is...
  12. AK47UK

    Add heated seats buttons to 2010 facelift climate control?

    I am just forward planning for when I upgrade my seats to full leather heated seats. I know I will need a wiring loom but I wasn't sure if I could just add heated buttons to my climate control? I know before 2008 you definitely had to replace the climate control unit but on mine it looks like...
  13. AK47UK

    Help with fault codes

    Hoping someone can help me out with this please. Points to note, the battery has drained recently to a point that the central locking wouldn't work, I think this is because the power magic pro hasn't been shutting the dash cam power off. The battery only drains to the point the car will not...
  14. AK47UK

    Seat options for 3-door A3 8P?

    I am starting to put some money aside to replace my half leather S-Line seats but was wondering which seats to go for. I know the RS3 seats are probably the best but I won't be spending a couple of grand on my interior. I noticed that S3 8l recaros are cheap and they look comfy but I wasn't...
  15. AK47UK

    Power magic pro running battery down

    I installed my DR550GW a couple of weeks ago and since I have found my battery is drained to the point that the engine will not turn over, on both occasions the camera was still recording. I have set my pmp to record for infinity unless the voltage drops below 12v, isn't this correct? The...
  16. AK47UK

    6th gear, clutch slip?

    Yesterday something strange happened, I was in 6th gear, my foot was on the dead pedal so clutch was fully engaged, got to 3-4k revs and all of a sudden revs went up quickly as if the clutch was disengaged. Does this sound like the clutch is slipping? Is the best test to try and pull off in a...
  17. AK47UK

    Enabling TPMS & HHA using VCDs (questions for a guide)

    Over the past day I have been reading loads of threads on here and other forums about this and different steps were used and there was some disparity over which DIS/ABS modules it will work with. I thought if I start a thread, post my feedback and then with the help of more experienced users I...
  18. AK47UK

    Cruise control for fuel economy?

    I was just wondering what peoples fuel economy experiences were when using cruise control? I don't know whether to get it retrofitted in my car for longer journies. Cheers
  19. AK47UK

    Retrofit electric seats with heating?

    I was wondering if the wiring loom is present in my car so that if I bought replacement seats with electronic adjustment and heating I could just plug them in and they would work? I know I would need a replacement dash module (or just buttons) to add the heated seats switch. 2010 A3 1.8TFSi...
  20. AK47UK

    Should I get a panel filter?

    My car is currently standard but I have a Bluefin on the way. I was wondering if there is any point in me getting a Pipercross or K&N panel filter? I read that oiled ones have caused problems on VAG cars, how do I tell which are dry filters? From looking at the sites I think the right models...