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  1. The Maestro

    I got my Private Pilots License today after 46 Hours of training.

    Congrats, now you're truly free. I have a PPLH - learn in the US then transfer - it's A LOT cheaper lol. I've been toying with doing my PPL.
  2. The Maestro

    MTM Bimotos

    I have 19x8.5 polished titanium Bimotos and yes they are heavy - can't feel it when driving but sure did when I picked one up lol. As for buckling, well, they may well do on an RS4/6 but I doubt you'll have problems on an S3!
  3. The Maestro

    s3 exhaust burst

    Sounds even better with a Milltek exhaust
  4. The Maestro

    Car arriving at dealers 5 weeks early - What do I do??

    I wholly support waiting for many sensible reasons - happened to me once and I waited. You'll keep it for longer if you wait, it'll hold it's value as a 60 plate than a July 10 (which is a pointless 10 unless it's a March/April 10) and it will be fine as I suspect they'd keep the wax on it until...
  5. The Maestro

    clunk when braking in reverse

    Yep, but I don't get a clunk, just a little squeal similar to when you get a stone-chip stuck.
  6. The Maestro

    Thoughts on Bose?

  7. The Maestro

    Adaptive Lights

    I had OEM adaptive bi-zenons added to my S3 and although they're really cool, I don't know they're worth the money.
  8. The Maestro

    MTM tuning, anyone on here use it? S3 8P

    Lol, nice to see so many MTM guys out and about (get's a bit lonely ya know) - chasing a new remap. Me going to do some research in the morning.
  9. The Maestro

    MTM tuning, anyone on here use it? S3 8P

    Hey Buddy, glad you got it sorted. Now sounds like we're better matched on fuel consumption.
  10. The Maestro

    RNS-E Audi S3 8P Mic help

    ... and is this a RNS-E, or an RNS-E 3G?
  11. The Maestro

    Which Remap for 8P S3 ?

    Ha-haa!!! Quite, but seconded ... MTM!!!
  12. The Maestro

    Number plates???

    Well, if I didn't drive abroad regularly I'd have plain plates, no Euro/GB. As someone else said, without the Euro/GB the foreign rozzers get a bit upset. Plus our reg's look nothing like any European reg so it is somewhat conspicuous not to have the mandatory Euro/GB.
  13. The Maestro

    Fuel cap - what do you do with yours?

    Of course not - my car doesn't run on diesel!
  14. The Maestro

    Fuel cap - what do you do with yours?

    My man, I thank you. I'll be doing that from now on. Cool tip, cheers.
  15. The Maestro

    Fuel cap - what do you do with yours?

    Lol, my 1st fill-up had me standing at the pump like a prat trying to work that out - took me 5 mins. I think it was a week later that I read that section of the manual and thought - yeah, that's right, I'll hang it on my paitwork, to hell with mini scratches it'll make, reckon they wouldn't...
  16. The Maestro

    DVD Playback

    I don't think so, only the satnav formatted DVDs but others here will have more experience and the science as to why or why not. I recall with my 1st Audi, an A4 Avant with the DVD satnav, I tried to play a normal DVD and nothing was doing. Haven't bothered since but your question will have me...
  17. The Maestro

    Car wrapping

    I think, and this is based on my memory, but your looking at around 1300 - 1600 for a Range Rover. Dunno about a smaller car.
  18. The Maestro

    Dilema,911 or tuned S3 anybody?

    I get the point and it's quite interesting but at the end of the day the figures are for the drawing board long before we find ourselves here where they're still only relevant for the drawing board. Do we buy our cars based on what modifications can be made to make it faster? I didn't and I...
  19. The Maestro

    Dilema,911 or tuned S3 anybody?

    I've just got back from Budapest with my S3 (MTM 330BHP), 440 miles of it through Germany on their delicious autobahns. For a brief stretch I had it at 170 - then the Mrs started moaning. Reckon it had another 10-15 left in it but I won't know until a solo trip to Frankfurt in mid-may. Watch...