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  1. Ryan s3

    ECU remap

    Hi, A freind of mine recommended a guy to me, basically you remove your ECU, send it off and he remaps it for you. My freind had it done by the same guy and his car was pushing 280 bhp on the rolling road. He had a badger 5 tip, stainless exhaust with de cat, induction kit. My engine is a lot...
  2. Ryan s3

    Blue oily smoke from exhaust

    I fitted a used exhaust (cat back) although I already had a de cat with OEM rear box. I'm getting a lot of smoke from exhaust. I noticed it immediately.... Do you think moisture could of been inside the exhaust or the previous car it come off had a turbo problem or something? Not noticed it...
  3. Ryan s3

    8l to 8p s3

    Hi, Proud owner of 8l s3, car hit 160k and looking to get an 8p s3 in the near future. Anybody else done this route and any feedback. Love the 8l just getting too old now and just generally want a newer car. Just looking for any feedback really and any experience of both cars. Thanks all
  4. Ryan s3

    Manifold bolt keeps coming loose

    Been getting an issue where a bolt works it way loose If you take of the charge pipe and look directly down where the manifold is (above the turbo) There is 3 torque bolts and dont seem to have any purpose what so ever. They keep working them self loose. Any idears ?
  5. Ryan s3

    N75 boost valve

    I've been looking to change my N75, For the cost of it it's worth changing as I'm getting very different performance from day to day. Can some body reccomend a part number to purchase a new n75. I would prefer a non ebay special but would accept a trusted supplier that has been used before. Just...
  6. Ryan s3

    Looking for a remap kent area

    Hoping to get my car re mapped very soon. Got quoted today £499 Car has decat, updated induction kit, updated TIP, Forge 007 diverted valve Recent clutch,turbo,cambelt,n249/n75 valve. All PCV and boost / breather pipes replaced. Thinking of a front mounted intercooler prior to the map but the...
  7. Ryan s3

    Flutter noise

    Had the cambelt changed today due to a leaking water pump, also found a hose which had snapped (routed by the steering pump resevouir) A breather of some sort which was repaired at the same time. Car has now a flutter noise when coming off the revs. Seems a bit down on power now as well ?? Any...
  8. Ryan s3

    Speedo and fuel gauge problem after changing clutch

    i changed my clutch today and the speedo does not work now and my fuel gauge has gone crazy ! Any ideas on where to start looking ?? Obviously something I done today Thanks
  9. Ryan s3

    crankcase ventilation hoses

    Hi, I was hoping somebody could get me a part number for a hose which has split. Its the pipe under the y piece which goes down towards the oil filter housing. It has a clip to hold another pipe on the side of it. Another question is that I replaced this hose 2-3 years ago and it has failed...
  10. Ryan s3

    Roof liner sagging

    Hi, My roof liner is sagging down and is getting so bad now it rests on my head. Looks awful and it’s really annoying me ! Any ideas on repairing it ?? Thanks in advance Ryan
  11. Ryan s3

    Clutch brand

    Can anybody advise the better quality clutch to go in my 2002 BAM s3 ? Sachs or luk ?? It’s the final repair before it goes in to be mapped. Planned power aim is about 260 bhp. I’m leaving the dual mass and the parts supplier has said that the clutch brand MUST match the fly wheel, is this...
  12. Ryan s3

    Anybody know this car??

  13. Ryan s3

    Headlamp ballast

    I have had an ongoing issue where my drivers headlight would not always come on from the 1st switch on the dash but turning it on/off a few times it seemed to be ok. It has now failed completely. I think it is the ballast or igniter that has failed. I can’t seem to source this part from...
  14. Ryan s3

    Alarm keeps going off !!!!

    i have never owned a car that gets so many issues !! The alarm keeps going off at random and you can’t turn it off Help please ???
  15. Ryan s3

    Blowing gasket between turbo and downpipe

    ive blown the gasket between the turbo and Downpipe 3 times now. Is there a reason for this ? The last 2 times when I have removed it there is not much left of it and again I’ve got a blowing noise from the same place again. Not an issue to fix but I wanted to no the reason for it to keep...
  16. Ryan s3

    The Much loved s3

    The mrs is after a new car as the S3 as much as I adore it keeps costing a fortune. We are looking at the newer model like 2010 s3. I personally prefer th 8l and would honestly want to keep it. As it is at the moment the car looks great and has no know faults and in my opinion looking pretty...
  17. Ryan s3

    What is this ?

    Hi Please look at the image attached. Coolant was leaking from it. It’s bolted to the cooling fan with torque bolts and 2 coolant hoses attach from each side. My car got hit by a lorry and must of happened from the impact. I’ve have bye passed it and need to order a new one. What is it’s...
  18. Ryan s3

    S3 overheated todsy

    Car overheated today while sat in traffic when the Mrs was driving . I found coolant bottle empty so topped up and left running for a hour with cap off and heaters flat out. I refitted the cap and drove for half hour or so and the temp gauge never went over 90? I could not get the cooling fan...
  19. Ryan s3

    Audi breaker north west

    i brought some parts from a guy and thought I’d share as he seemed a real nice knowledgeable guy. Had lots of spares and loads of 8l parts. I would need to ask him first but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind people contacting him.
  20. Ryan s3

    Help !!

    My car got hit by a lorry and need a new bumper and also the bumper mounts which go to the wing. The inner arch liner is also damaged. Does any body know of any s3 been dismantled and broken. I’m willing to collect and need ASAP. I have attached pics of the car, paint code and damage