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    A4 2004 1.9 quattro humming noise

    Afternoon all....not been on here for a while but now back with Audi. I have a quattro manual 6 speed and it makes a humming noise and gets louder as the car gets faster. Even rolling say at 50mph in neutral, the humming is there and loud. It all seems to be coming from drivers side corner at...
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    2004 A4 2.5 Tdi 180 Quattro Brake upgrade advice

    Hi all The front discs are shot on my car and now im replacing discs/pads, i was thinking a good time to upgrade them if possible. Basically, can anyone advise on what brakes i can use under the standard 17" wheel? Im referring to other VAG brake setup maybe and if so, what parts will i need...
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    Electrical gremlins on 2003 2.5tdi BDH Quattro

    Hi people I have recently purchased a 2003 2.5 tdi quattro. It has a couple of electrical issues like the hazard lights randomly come on whilst specific time intervals but very the same time i hear a click noise from the 'lock switch' that the driver has on...
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    A6 Allroad 2.5 tdi air suspension issues

    Hi all...... just hoping someone can help with some advice regarding the air susp. I have found the last few days, after the car has been parked overnight or a good few hours, the front right corner of the car has dropped quite low compared to the rest of the corners. I live on a very steep...
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    B6 2.5 Tdi Allroad Engine Oil

    Hello all :) I purchased my allroad last weekend and wanted some advice from those more experienced regarding decent Engine Oil for it. It's a 1 owner car with a full service history and seems to run well but not sure what oil to use in it. It has about 163K miles so im thinking may be not...
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    Hello from sunny Yorkshire

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather......just purchased a 54 reg a6 2.5 tdi all road. Be interesting to see how this goes after my Passat 1.9 tdi sport.... I know it will cost more to run and maintain but on the plus side it's 1 owner from new with a full service history...