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  1. A3_Rider

    ex-girlfriend refusing to return A3

    This thread = :wtf: LOL! I think you should have grovelled and said sorry, but she's £500 up anyway. Whatever women are you can't live without them, and yes they are crazy!
  2. A3_Rider

    Your driving offence stories

    Some of you guys are right rebels, seriously!:haudrauf: Mine is a bit comical; At the traffic lights and I'm eager to try LC, had no idea a cop car was one car behind me fully marked and visible. Friend was next to him in his own car and told me as soon as I footed it his reaction was like...
  3. A3_Rider

    Changes to the roadtax - effective from October 1st 2014

    Pretty sneaky and dishonest move on the governments' part. The lower end of the market is where things will suffer, as mentioned people will probably SORN to save.
  4. A3_Rider

    New Audi TT comes with 'all-digital' cockpit

    There's nothing left to do with performance anymore, all about technology competition now. In 10 years they will probably include auto pilots (like in Airplane!)
  5. A3_Rider

    Audi UK considering changes to roles within dealerships

    I think the problem lies in the front positions; their training and pay scale. It's no use telling a sales exec to be nice when the manager is saying get X sales or you're out - he's going to chase and chase until he hits them.
  6. A3_Rider

    Service due - dealer or not?

    Depends on how old the car is, mine was devalued (p/x) by probably £250-400 because it doesn't have a FSH with Audi. I explained I always use genuine Audi parts at the Independent and only went to them because Audi were damaging my car. I think on a newer car I would use the dealer, I just...