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  1. Whodafunk

    Mystery oil leak

    I think the oil leak is from where the engine block meets the cylinder head (ouch). I don’t have oil mixing with the coolant, it’s not overheating or anything like that. If it is from here am I right in saying the only way to fix this would be to have the head removed, skimmed and resealed (as...
  2. Whodafunk

    P2279 error code

    This will be a leak AFTER the MAF (mass air flow sensor). It means the system is getting more air than the MAF is measuring entering the intake system. The ECU is constantly trying to achieve stoichiometry (lambda) of the correct air and fuel ratio. Since it’s getting extra unmetered air it...
  3. Whodafunk

    Mystery oil leak

    Thanks for the reply. Intercooler pipes look fine, and no sign of gearbox leak. Is there a seal on the propshaft? Wondering if this could be leaking?
  4. Whodafunk

    Mystery oil leak

    I have an A3 2007 2.0 TFSI Quattro I’ve got a slight oil leak but can’t work out where from. There is wet oil on the heat shield around the cat (directly above the propshaft), there is oil on the subframe, electric steering rack, and some oil on the banjo bolt of the turbo. I’ve laid...
  5. Whodafunk

    PRNDS Flashing

    Yes but you’ve got to get the ****** out first and then refit it
  6. Whodafunk

    Help! Loud pumping/pulsating noise

    Check your tension on the belt, has the belt been put back on too tightly?
  7. Whodafunk

    PCV is working correctly ?

    Yes, whilst it’s running. I mean as in the video you posted. I’ll do it with my car to see if it does anything different
  8. Whodafunk

    PCV is working correctly ?

    I mean just pull it out slightly not completely remove. I’d get the gasket changed. If I remember correctly it’s £20 ish from audi
  9. Whodafunk

    PCV is working correctly ?

    I’ll remove my dipstick while the engine is running and see what it does for comparison.
  10. Whodafunk

    PCV is working correctly ?

    Was the gasket changed when the pcv valve was replaced? I wouldn’t rule out a faulty new pcv valve. I think I have something similar. Replaced my pcv and gasket with a new genuine audi part (not cause it was faulty but more as a preventative service part) and now I’m getting a little oil mist...
  11. Whodafunk

    PCV is working correctly ?

    Removing the dipstick or oil filler cap creates a vacuum leak. Similarly, if either aren’t sealing or leaking slightly this will also create a vacuum leak. These vac leaks are adapted by the ECU overtime (evident in the long term and short term fuel trims LTFT / STFT). The ECU can only make...
  12. Whodafunk

    PRNDS Flashing

    This unfortunately sounds like a problem with the mechatronics unit on the gearbox. Hopefully the garage will cover the repair because otherwise I believe it’s an expensive 2k plus job. Google mechatronics failure and you’ll probably have most of the symptoms. It gets so bad that it will...
  13. Whodafunk

    Strange smell

    It’s weird you say that actually as I had an intermittent fault on vcds flag up for the N80 evap valve. It’s also making noticeable clicking at idle, which I understand is normal to some degree but maybe it’s on its way out. Thanks for that
  14. Whodafunk

    Strange smell

    when the engine is warm, with the windows down or heaters on I can smell what I believe is oil vapour. I can also smell the same smell from under the bonnet. I’ve checked all breather hoses etc and can’t see/smell any leaks. No signs of oil and no leaks on the floor. It’s had a new genuine...
  15. Whodafunk

    2007 A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro

    2007 Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro S-Line (manual) Misano Red Two tone leather sports seats 60k miles 3 owners, completely standard and unmolested example BOSE sound system Rear parking sensors Heated seats Full History mainly with Audi, last serviced August 2018 (2 keys) Cambelt &...
  16. Whodafunk

    2010 Audi A3 2.0tfsi S Tronic Black Edition Quattro FSH S3 Spec 200bhp

    What’s the mileage please and has the timing belt been done?
  17. Whodafunk

    AMD Carbon Clean

    Where did you get the walnut blast for £200? Seems a good price for the work involved
  18. Whodafunk

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Brand new S3 diffuser and valance for the 3 door 8P, bought direct from Audi. Part number 8P3807434G 1RR £100
  19. Whodafunk


    As soon as I saw the title to this thread I instantly thought HIDs. Unfortunately they kill the wiper motor on the A3 8P. There’s loads of info on the net and YouTube. This is the reason I’ve stuck with halogen bulbs. You could try a 12v supply direct to the wiper motor to see if they power...
  20. Whodafunk

    Audi A3 8p3 sline 2010 rear diffuser needed

    If his bumper is a two piece then the valance and diffuser will fit. I know because I’ve done it before