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  1. tku

    Evoms, HnR springs, Milltek selling up

    Ok people I have the following parts available that are coming off my S3! COLLECTION is preferred please from West Yorshire as I am a lazy s**t and genuinely cant be ***** to go to the post office. Parts will be coming off this weekend. Milltek Non-res catback exhaust special tips - £130 Hnr...
  2. tku

    My S3...Heads up

    Ok guys. Time has come for me to change my car and just wanted to give whoever might be interested a little heads up as I am selling her. Its a sad sad time and I have done her up to how I think they should of came out of the factory without going OTT. The car will be for sale in April and just...
  3. tku

    Pre sale detailers needed West Yorkshire

    Hey guys, need a detailer to carry out a job on my car for pre sale and fix up any small niggles i.e swirls or scratches. Know where I can find any good ones? And don't say google because I actually want someone who has a good rep or can be recommended. Cheers peeps!
  4. tku

    Change for a small car and superbike

    Hey guys, just looking for opinions on changing my car and what you think.. Well I currently drive a S3 but am thinking about chopping it in for something really small(ish) i.e A1 maybe and getting either a R6 or ducati superbike. Am I being stupid? Am thinking I do alot of miles etc so the S3...
  5. tku

    Getting rid of my rims

    Ok lads, getting rid of my TD pro race 1.2s 18" in gloss black they are perfect A3/S3 fitment ET45. They were bought 5months ago and are coming off my S3. Excellent wheel and so much lighter then oem. Here is a pic of them fitted Myiphonepics025.jpg picture by tku88 - Photobucket Tiny tiny...
  6. tku

    Cai fitting after remap

    Ok this one is for the seasoned tuners out there! Car is S3 and has been mapped..just bought a cai and was wondering if it's ok to just fit it and carry on as normal with the extra power or would I need to get the map tweaked in any's only on a stage 1. Just wanted the peace of mind as...
  7. tku

    Where to get a rnse

    Hello folks, just wondering whether anybody knows where I can get a reliable rnse and install from? And not hazzydayz or whatever they are called. Pretty expensive! Must do chrome button ones too. Cheers in advance!.:salute:
  8. tku

    Revo discount

    Not sure if anyone has noticed the post on revo but they are offering £100 off their remaps until december31st. So if anyone interested just thought I would let you know..I already have it and it is a nice piece of kit!:eyebrows:
  9. tku

    GYmkana 3

    You folks need to watch Ken Blocks new vid. The maddest baddest driver out there. Period! .:eyebrows:
  10. tku

    Bluetooth phone stopped working after installing map reading lights

    Hey guys, as title says I recently installed the map reading lights to replace the bland old one which I had..Now everything was pretty simple to switch over, basically copying everything and doing it in reverse and my bluetooth phone prep was working for a good week or so...And some of you will...
  11. tku

    Installing map reading lights

    Hey guys, just wondering for those who have installed them onto their car..How do I remove the original? And are they easy to install? I have ordered the part from Audi after doing a search for the part number and just needing to know how to remove and install before I get my accident prone...
  12. tku

    Honda NSX

    Anyone on here watch the last episode of top gear on sunday? I thought the clip at the end about Ayrton Senna was amazing and stumbled across this nsx clip with Ayrton Senna speaking over it and it reminded me of the episode.
  13. tku

    Watch out people

    Just letting everybody know that a group of guys were parked up outside my house yesterday and knocked on the door asking is Jim in and also if the house was number 8 when confronted at the window by someone who was in..they also asked them to come down and open the door...our house clearly has...
  14. tku

    BMW 1 series 'M' Coupe

    Anyone watched this clip ?? I don't like the 1 series but the way this guy sells it is making me contemplate selling the S3..Omg can't believe I just said that.
  15. tku

    wrong pcd wheels

    Hey guys, need help urgently. Basically bought some track wheels pro race 1.2's from Rimstyle and they have sent me ones that are 5x114 rather then 5x112. Now I didnt find out until after they was sent that 5x112 are out of stock and the latest batch have not been made by team dynamics yet...
  16. tku

    Any of you folk going to Inters on 26th 27th June?

    As title says!
  17. tku

    Limited budget Remap or exhaust?

    Ok guys, well basically as title of thread shows I am on a limited budget of roughly £600 give or take another 100 either way for my first mod on the S3. I have narrowed the options down to either a Revo map which will also include the switch so about £650 which will probably be done by Votex in...
  18. tku

    Spare wheel removal?

    Hey guys, bought my S3 3 months ago and believe it or not I have only just lifted up the rear boot lid/cover and noticed a big heave dopey spare wheel in the back! My previous car didn't have one as it was so light but was wondering whether you folks have taken it out? Looks like it weighs a...
  19. tku

    Rear light condensation

    Hi guys, just wandering whether any information regarding this has been posted before as I can't find any in search option? Basically I just wanted to gather some advice as my rear left hand lights seem to have developed some condensation and looks crap basically as it should not be doing...
  20. tku

    Drying and interior

    Hi guys, just wandering if anybody can shed some light on which drying towel is best..I been looking around and have found 2 types which have interested me...1 is the luxury drying towel i.e. the soft yellow fluffly looking one lol eg. PB luxury drying towel...and the other is the waffle weave...