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    Parts A4 B6

    Hi, Need a couple of parts 431955465 (headlamp washer pump gromet) 8E0 955 987 (windscreen washer jet) Can you price for post and packing also? Reg is AJ52 MFK Many thanks, Doug
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    1.8t Issues (incorrect airflow detected) solved now i think!

    Hi all, Had a good time off over the Easter break, doing as is seems what many did, getting those anoying jobs done that got left all winter. Wanted to just post up some of my own findings after spending hours searching forums etc. The job was to replace my lower front bumber, due to damage...
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    Various Front end parts

    Hi, Need a cost to supply/post the following 8E0 853 887 A - Wheel Spoiler Left Front 8E0 853 888 A - Wheel Spoiler Right Front 8E0 807 513 A - Spoiler Damping Pan - Left 8EO 807 514 A - Spoiler Damping Pan - Right 8E0 807 227 - Guide Left 8E0 807 228 - Guide right 8E0 807 681 01c - Foglight...
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    Part# 8E0 971 687E

    Hi I need A cost including postage for the wire loom for the rear drivers side door (Electric windows) - Reg AJ52 MFK. The part number was lift of the label on the existing loom Cheers Doug
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    A3 wheels on a A4 Quattro Sport

    Hi, I have ended up with a set of 5 spoke 17" A3 alloys (et56) 5x112. Can I fit these ok with spacers on an A4? I believe these alloys in the correct fittment are ET45 looking through some threads it seems to be popular to offset the front/rear so was thinking a 20mm at the back and 15mm at the...
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    OEM Xenon bulbs - bulb type?

    Hi, Developed a problem with the passenger side headlight today. I have noticed it flickering over the last few weeks but thought it was down to vibration in the headlight unit and was going to check it as soon as the snow disapeared. Put the lights on tonight and the light was very blue and...
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    MOT passed hoorah! clutch switch fitted

    Always a good day and felt the need to share.....blasted through the MOT today. Relief for another year. Got done at the local Nationwide Auto centre. Didnt bother with the free Audi MOT as was a hassle to get the car to the dealer and thought better of some Audi tech looking for extra work...
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    A4 1.8t Quattro brakes

    Well been doing a few jobs for my MOT next week. The rear brake disks were an advisory last year due to wear and all pads had about 30% left on Put a set of 255mm Brembo disks from GSF parts, £40 the pair on the back with some Bosch pads , £20, from fleabay. On the front I left...
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    A4 Quattro rear suspension links

    Hi all, Set about changing my rear disks this morning. Only to find the disks supplied from flebay were the wrong ones! Anyway, I noticed, while getting in about the rear end, that there was a lot of corrosion/deterioration of the bush at the outer end of the transverse link. Been doing a bit of...
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    A4 Rear Wiper motor

    Hi, Just trying to get a replacement rear wiper motor. Does anyone know if it has to be an audi part? lots of VW ones on flebay look the same...thanks
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    A4 Avant Number plate lights

    Hi, I am in the process of changing the number plate lights on my avant due to the screws being totaly rusted. The passenger side bulb was not working hence why i started this job. Problem is the blown bulb did not show up on the DIS. I removed the faulty light to find the holder totaly...
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    Possible sale of a b6 1.8t quattro sport avant

    Just putting some feelers out at the moment but due to an unfortunate change in circumstance it is likley my Audi will be on the market. Is there any interest here?. See my other posts for some pic or email me and i will supply further pics. It has 95 thou on it. Atlas Grey Mettalic, Factory...
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    Vag com

    Dunno if this may be of interest to anyone...found it while browsing
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    Windscreen replacement

    Does anyone have any experience of this. Positive or negative? I have a couple of chips that I think may warrent the replacement. Im going to contact my insurance company to sort it out. I had Autoglass do a windscreen in my pug 405 a few years back and they made a right mess of it. It took...
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    Battery Cover

    Hi, Can you price me ,inc P&P, for the plastic cover that slots over the batery on a A4 Avant 1.8t Quattro 52 Reg. Thanks again Doug
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    A4 B6 Quattro Avant wheel/tyre upgrade

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 18" Rim and tyre fit in the spare wheel well of the avant? Looking to upgrade from 16" Rims when the better weather comes. Being a Quattro I gather that all the wheels must be the same size so I cant use the 16" Spare in the event of a this correct?
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    A4 B6 52 Reg Avant 1.8t Quattro sport - Price request.

    Hi, Couple of prices please. Pair of Wiper Arms? The black plastic bottom half of the drivers mirror (the bit thats held on with two screws) The number thats on it is 31710 R also 010681 Can you price with delivery? Thanks in advance
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    Wing mirror removal/re fitting

    Hi, I just took my drivers mirror off. A quite straight forward process. Can I get it back on again! There was a lump of foam between the car and mirror and the only way to get it back on was to miss this out. There is now a lot of wind noise obviously the lump of foam stopped that. There must...
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    Parking Sensors

    Anyone got any idea what make / model number the parking sensors on the rear of a 52 plate A4 Quattro Sport Avant? Im quite sure they are factory fitted as I have the sales invoice for the car and they were in the origional spec. They have the rectangular shaped center. Also what shape they are...
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    Key programing PIN / SKC ??

    Hi, I have a second hand key to match with VAG-COM. Just trying to figure out what code to use to get in. I have 3 possibles. With the car I have the origional main dealer sales invoice etc...It has a Key number..4 digit next to that is a R/C:xxxx (4 digit) then on the keys is a plastic tag with...