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    Facelift Replacing Sport seats with Super Sport seats...

    Just contemplating taking the plunge and replacing my sport seats with Super Sports... I've seen a few online but condition is not always perfect. So my question is, are the base sections of the seats interchangeable between sport and Super Sport? I believe the rears come apart and are...
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    Facelift Servicing question...

    Hi all, My car was last serviced by Audi last October - having their full inspection service which included an oil change @ 16k miles / 2 years old. The read out on the car currently states next oil service is due in 17,000 miles or 360 days. Inspection service however states 17,000 miles or...
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    Facelift Eibach Pro problems.....

    Hi all, Having had Eiback Pro's professionally installed on my sportback RS3 FL I'm left with horrible rubbing/squeaking noises coming from both front wheels. This only happens at very low speeds or standstill when turning the front wheels. No noticeable noises at higher speeds or when...
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    Facelift 2017 Exhaust Heat Shield removal

    Hi all, has anyone removed the heat shield/bracket below on a 2017 Facelift model? This is to enable the revised 2018 heat shield to be installed, and therefore install the 034 intake heat shield. Cheers.
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    Sportback The black wheel bolt caps..

    Just fitted spacers to my FL and although the caps fit, they are not snug and secure like the OEM bolts.. Any tips on how to secure these to non-OEM wheel bolts?
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    Facelift Upgrading inlet & intake on an already mapped car....?

    Hi all, Question for the mapping experts... My car already has a stage 1 Revo map, upgraded I/C (Wag Evo1) and Revo panel filter... If I upgrade to a less restrictive inlet (3inch) and intake increasing the air flow, will this cause any issues with the AFR or will the cars map adjust to the...
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    Wanted RS3 8V FL Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake wanted

    As per title, before I buy new thought I may just see if anyone is selling a Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake for an RS3 8v. Cheers.
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    Facelift Some general techie/mechanical questions...

    Hi all, I've not managed to find answers to the following, so if you know please shout up: What is the standard boost pressure (FL3 RS3) / What is typical of Stage 1 or Stage 2 When upgrading the intake, does larger inlet pipe (3.5inch/4 inch to Turbo) have an impact on lag/turbo longevity...
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    Wanted A3/S3/RS3 8V Door cards / Arm Rests with extended leather

    Hi all, Very much a long shot but I want to be replace my standard door arm rests with the extended leather option. If anyone is breaking one the above and the car has the extended leather pack option (crescendo red stitching) I am very interested in the door cars. Cheers,
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    Nice little interior upgrade if you're feeling brave...

    For those like me that did'nt tick the RS design option, this makes a nice little upgrade. I've managed to replace the plastic knee pads with professionally upholstered Alcantara versions. This is NOT for the feint hearted, but well worth it. First step is the remove the plastic pads. Sounds...
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    Facelift Nerdy Questions - Door cards

    Does anyone know if the door cards/handles on a Saloon are the same size/fitting as a Sportback? I'm guessing there is a chance the fronts are the same but not the rears? Anyone know? Cheers.
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    Favour to ask...

    Could someone with an RS Design pack (interior extended leather/alcantara knee pads) take some super close ups of the knee pad stitching for me? I'm having mine trimmed and want to replicate OEM as far as possible. Much appreciated!
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    Facelift Taking my RS3 FL to stage 1...

    So I paid of fmy RS3 last week and now it's time to tune :) I'm having a REVO Stage 1 map completed and have already decided that this is the right time to also upgrade the stock intercooler. I've chosen the Wagner Evo 1 as I really do not intend on going beyond stage 1, it maintains the OEM...
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    Any good scrap yards around to source parts?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a decent scrappy in the Bedfordshire area for second hand parts. I would like to get hold of two knee pads to have the re-trimmed without buying an entire centre console. Cheers.
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    Facelift MK3 TT S-line/S/RS Seats into RS3 FL?

    Can this be done? Really like the look of the MK3 diamond stitched seats and would love them in my RS3... just a thought. Cheers.
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    Audi Oil & filter service - wow!

    So, my RS3 is now almost a year old and coming up to 8200 on the clock. Despite the service schedule on the car saying nothing due for another 10k(k)? I've been asking around dealers for price on oil changes service.. Lowest is £342! Can anyone recommend a dealer/have a palatable (sub £300)...
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    Facelift Two minor but rather annoying issues - anyone have a fix?

    1. The selection button (*) randomly stops working. I have this set to change driver select as I'm sure most people have, but sometimes it does nothing with no rhyme or reason.. I start the car and it either works or does not. It's resolved by going back into the option to re-select the function...
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    Facelift Known fault with FL RS3 - ticking exhaust valve..

    So my RS3 went into Audi yesterday due to a ticking sound coming from the exhaust when car is in cold start mode. Turns out it is a known Audi fault and they will contact me again once a resolution is known. It only does it from cold, as soon as the revs drop and the car goes into comfort mode...
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    Sending directions via google maps - login problem

    I've managed to sync my car with myaudi fine but having followed all the setup instructions, I get an error message when trying to send a google maps direction to the car. Google maps says "username not recognized by automanufacturer" I've triple checked all the steps and my username is...
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    Sportback Difference between RS3 and S3/S-line side skirts?

    Evening chaps, Maybe an easy question to answer, is the side skirts on a RS3 different/larger to those on the S3 and S-line cars? I know they are flared at the front to line up with the front wheel arch but what about the rest of it? Thanks.