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  1. Keeno

    Jeremy Clarkson top as chauffeur according to Survey...

    Ken Block. Job done.
  2. Keeno

    Economical Fun Car

    Yes it does. Downsized from an 8L 20VT to a Polo TDi (PD100). Struggled to keep up with a Corsa GSi last night. Once we'd both blown past a slow going Smart Car he started eding away much to my frustration. I'd vote for a small engined petrol. Something in a 16v maybe...
  3. Keeno

    Popular mod on an Aussie forum!

    Hahaha I got one of those for Christmas. I've yet to try it out - I'll let you know who I get on...
  4. Keeno

    new year and new budget

    QST in Haywards Heath, much closer to Reigate and are UK MTM agents...
  5. Keeno

    Mobile Phone Tracking

    Undeercover is good, but can only be used if the app is installed on the phone...
  6. Keeno

    whats your favourite pizza place ?

    Papa John's. Job done.
  7. Keeno

    The Most Powerful Photos of 2011

    Number 12 - almost restores faith in humanity...
  8. Keeno

    BST Clocks change

    Because it's not an east-west difference...
  9. Keeno

    In the market for a new van

    Just don't get a fiat doblo. Hateful things, awful driving position, cheap interior of plastic-y nastiness...
  10. Keeno

    LoveFilm Online Rentals

    I rate lovefilm. The only reason I cancelled my account (unlimited, 1 disc at a time) was because I could never find time to watch them so I was paying to have a DVD sat on the shelf for 2 weeks...
  11. Keeno

    Bludy large groups of cyclists

    Large groups should be made by law to ride in several smaller groups. Large groups are dangerous and hold up traffic (that actually pay to be on the road). I've got nothing against cyclists on the road in general, having spent most of my time at uni getting around town on my bike - but...
  12. Keeno


    I'm not saying that Halifax have lied in anyway, just failed to keep her properly informed. They changed the terms of the account about a year after she opened it. I'm sure they probably did send out a generic "Your terms and conditions have changed" letter with a new booklet, but in all...
  13. Keeno

    Google Image Wars

    (it's an empty gun)
  14. Keeno

    Anybody in the South West (Plymouth mainly) want a FULL detail?

    Mate if you've got a degree and want to work in sales get in touch with a company called "Pareto Law"
  15. Keeno

    My 1971 1380 Mini

    Wow. I'm not entirely sure how that happened! I defiantly didn't go hunting through ancient posts... :-s
  16. Keeno

    In the market for a new van

    Sportline? Might not give the best MPG but it looks cool!
  17. Keeno


    Wonga's entire business model relies on people's desperation and lack on money sense. Anyone who borrows £2k from wonga deserves to be charged £1500. The rates are displayed fairly clearly, and even a layman could work out 4000% is obscene. I'm not sure it's a case of money mis-management on...
  18. Keeno


    Yeah but 4000-odd % over a few days isn't quite as nasty as 30% over 12 months...
  19. Keeno


    F**king Halifax. My girlfriend opened a student account with them when she started Uni (4 years ago). She got a job as a teacher last September and worked out that she could pay off the £3000 in 12 months, unfortunately it didn't quite work out like that and she's managed to knock out about a...
  20. Keeno

    Megga Expensive Quality Street!!!!!

    Haha, my Sister's living in Sydney til Christmas time. The prices she pays for stuff is crazy, but then the minimum wage is $20/hr so I suppose it all evens out. Still, £3 for a pint of milk!