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    and not feel anything strange when accelerating
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    Photos of my new S4

    wow, very cool congrats
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    2004 audi symphony ipod/aux connection

    We also need a module
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    exhaust options

    I do not think 300, get a new one
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    next step

    a friend has a 2000 S4 and made those changes and it is a beast
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    CVT transmission failure

    Hi all, I want to know your experiences with these transmissions, here in my country is a headache, it is very difficult to repair and new is worth more than 10,000 euros, 6 months my car in the shop and it is not good, I just found 3 other Audis with failing and non-repairable. so I want to...
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    Bought this body kit.....

    Whaaat? , not like anything
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    next step

    I would recommend reprogramming and turbos K04and also change injectors
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    Cluster S4 to A4

    I do adaptation because no one has done something similar?
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    Cluster S4 to A4

    ????? I want to know if someone changed a Cluster of S4 to A4.
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    Kawasaki Ninja vs ABT Audi RS6 on the Autobahn

    Wow here in mexico impossible to see it, but it looks easy, I never would motorcycle
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    What do you do for a job?

    Hi, I am podiatrist and I have my clinic in Mexico
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    Cluster S4 to A4

    Hi, i want chance the cluster, someone has cast this change and I need to make it to 100% Thanks. Cluster S4
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    A4 wheels ? on 8L A3

    A4 is the 5x112 and 5x100 your A3 is, but adapters can be
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    Hi from Mexico!!

    Thanks Sandra and taste belong to this forum.
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    Hello new to audi ownership

    hello and the pictures to see your new car
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    Hi from Mexico!!

    hi all my name is Daniel and I'm from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, I have a 2005 Audi Sline with several modifications, expect to see and know many tips to stop my Audi best thank accepts