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  1. mattyboyc

    Front door speakers

    Hi all, anyone shed any light on why the front door speakers would not be working. It’s my daughters A1 sport and we have had the door cards off and speaker out and all connections are good. She says they agave always worked but then just stopped, we have checked the wires in the door jam too...
  2. G

    Audi A3 8V Front Parking Sensor Speaker Location

    Hi, I need to replace the speaker for the front parking sensors on my 2014 Audi A3 Saloon. The front sensors have stopped working and I am getting no sound when I try to adjust the volume for them so I assume it is a faulty speaker. Could someone provide with the location of the speaker? The...
  3. J

    Front/Center dash speaker

    ...would like to replace the front dashboard speaker as well, how is this thing wired up? I assume it is feeded by a mono signal from the front speakers? Does anybody know where I can find a wiring diagram of this system? And is replacing this speaker even worth it? I think it’s not especially...
  4. vetch

    Upgrading/replacing Bose speakers

    I'm looking to replace/refresh the standard Bose speakers in my 2009 S3. I'm not looking for audiophile quality, I'd just like to replace the standard and tired Bose front and rear speakers but run the new speakersthem off the HU and rear amp. I believe that they are 16.5 components (with a...
  5. viBe95

    Chorus front speakers

    Hello people, on a 2010 Audi A3 8P Sportback with Chorus system do you know if there's a speaker in the right front door ? From what I can tell the majority of the sound and bass comes from the driver door, on the right the only sound i can hear is from the small tweeter in the A pillar. And if...
  6. W

    Wiring for speakers

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone could help me. Today I tried to install an aftermarket radio into my 2005 convertible, and my plan was to run new speaker wire from the rear speakers and wire it in to the harness for the radio, thus circumventing the issues regarding getting the rear speakers to...
  7. R

    Front speakers work but the rear ones dont.

    I have a Audi A3 8P 2005 5 door, i installed a aftermarket single din screen into my car, everything literally works exept the rear speakers, anyone know how to get them working please?
  8. S

    Speaker Sizes for standard SS and anyone do remaps?

    Hello Anyone body know the speaker sizes for a audi a7 2015 basic sound system not sure how many speakers there are but i got 2 tweeters in front and right centre dash speaker 2 front door 2 read door sub in boot not sure what others there are i could have a look tomorrow but if anyone knows...
  9. +robster+a7+tdi

    front door speakers rattle ( bose ) no cost repair

    Ok this is a job ive been meaning to get round to for about 5 months and a reply of mine on another thread prompted me to go and finally remove the door card for a look. Id seen a youtube video of a guy with same problem and i had exact problem of the dust cover cone becoming unstuck as seen in...
  10. Snokey55

    2008 A3 front speaker replacement

    Front speakers are knackered and need replacing. I have a component set to deplace them with. My question is do i need to just replace the speakers or do i also need crossovers as well or does original cable have crossovers in place.
  11. abmat

    Upgrading/replacing Bose speakers

    Why run the fronts off the HU? Do you have an aftermarket hu?
  12. Abi

    Upgrading/replacing Bose speakers

    Keep us informed as I need to replace one/both of mine in the front. Haven’t even looked how the door cards come off yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. vetch

    Upgrading/replacing Bose speakers

    I assumed that the Bose amp powered the rears and HU powered the fronts? The Bose amp runs all four speakers then? Any recommendations for speakers? I'm not looking to spend a shedload, even budget/mid range would be far superior to the 12 year old Bose ones.
  14. S

    New Scuba blue A3 TDI184

    It’s running continental tyres fitted by the previous owners, fronts are almost new and backs got a few mm on them so ready for changing. ahh okay so adding a centre speaker? I’ve not investigated yet into where all the speakers are but that’s really useful to know thank you!
  15. T

    Sporatic door speaker distortion.

    I guess I have the same issue. There is a distortion coming out of the speaker even at lower levels. It doesn't sound as a mechanical fault (such as rattling sounds). Sometimes it's the front left woofer, sometimes the front right one. Did you get it fixed?
  16. s3mad_dude

    For Sale A3 8V 40 watts “Audi Sound System” front door speakers

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale a pair of front door speakers for the Audi A3/S3/RS3 8V series. The speakers are from the Audi Sound System which is the second type of music setup that Audi offered. It’s better then the basic setup as it comes with more speakers, more powerful speakers too, and a...
  17. AudiSpy

    Bang & Olufsen's new wireless speaker looks just like a book

    Finally a speaker placed on a bookshelf that actually looks like a book I hear you say. Well this one features side panels that wrap around the speaker like "the cover of a book", while the front of the speaker is embellished with the Bang & Olufsen logo, much like a book's spine is emblazoned...
  18. robby

    Front door speakers

    Might sound patronising but the front to rear fader hasn't been altered has it?
  19. Z

    DIY Sound Upgrade and Sound Deadening

    What I’ve learned from this diy project was that front speakers on my A3 8V was 8 inches and rear ones were smaller than 6.5 inches. Had to modify the rear adapter to fit on stock location. Over all happy with the outcome
  20. theViTALiTY

    RNS-E no rear sound please help

    Im not sure i quite get you, but rns only powers front speakers directly. Rear speakers are powered by the amp thats in the trunk. Thats the factory setup.