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    Does this sound about right? 3.2

    I get about 31mpg from my manual most days on the commute - 80% dual carriageway, 20% town. For stop/start yours sounds about right. Most miles I have seen from a tank is 410 but that was constant 60-70mph on a run down to Exeter. Usually I get about 350 miles from a tank which covers the 300...
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    Car wrapping, anyone on here tried it?

    I am tempted by this rather than a full respray - I would love to have my A3 3.2 done in Nogaro blue...
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    Stolen yellow 8L S3, Birmingham

    Just seen a yellow 8L S3 being chased by police near Star City in Castle Bromwich. It was going pretty quick and wasn't stopping (so assuming it was nicked) but I think it had a S3 *** numberplate. Hope it's no-one's on here as I don't think you'll want it back :(
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    car not as fast as it was

    Try the trick where you touch the brake with your left foot and then immediately plant the accelerator to the floor (best to do this on an empty straight road in a high gear). I understand this re-aligns the throttle body back to 100% as it can adjust to give less than maximum throttle if you...
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    Amazing interior,N-240-4294963367-4294966997/advert.action?R=200904327618044&distance=57&postcode=ox266wg&channel=CARS&make=AUDI&model=S8&min_pr=&max_pr=&max_mileage=&vehicleYearOfManufacture=2002&vehicleRegL...
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    S3 Undertray

    Dieselgeek do an aluminium one for $299 (plus shipping) which should be more durable. Not sure of any downsides apart from the weight -
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    Front anti-roll bar & lower suspension arm bushes..

    I am having the wishbone bushes and the front ARB replaced on Monday at APS at a cost of £350 all in, which I think is OK . Car has done 100k and as far as I know these are the first replacements it has had. Seems to all be motorway miles though.
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    Top Gear reminder- 8:05pm BBC2

    I think they are getting rather big heads and are at risk of alienating the motoring enthusiasts that the show appealed to - they seem to have a new brand to slag off each week rather than celebrating cars. There is more and more arsing about with non car-related stuff each week and "news" which...
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    Loosen the nut a bit, turn the ignition on and pump the brake pedal hard a few times with the handbrake off. Then test the handbrake and adjust the nut to tighten it if necessary.
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    Anyone fitted TT QS alloys to their S3?

    I got bored waiting for a pic and used the amazing MS Paint to create something beautiful :laugh: Do the alloys suit the S3? (sorry for whoever's S3 I butchered above).
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    Anyone fitted TT QS alloys to their S3?

    Yep would have to be reps which are presumably the same width front and back. I can imagine they would look good on a S3 but would like to see first before I lay out 550 big ones for a set :happy:
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    Anyone fitted TT QS alloys to their S3?

    Has anyone fitted these wheels to their S3, and if so, do you have any pictures of it? Quite interested to see what it would look like. I saw some on an A3 1.8T earlier and they seemed to give a wider track than the normal A3 wheels, presumably they would fill the arches quite well on the S3.
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    GB Feeler: A3/S3 8L Quattro Bilstein B8 Dampers

    What's everyone waiting for? Get to the choppa already, jeez... :tumble:
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    S3 mats

    I got mine from this seller in Germany: Good mats, drivers mat has extra padding, has started to wear slightly but I do a lot of miles. They fit perfectly and the logos are very good (pictures show just S but when you specify model the mats will come...
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    GB Feeler: A3/S3 8L Quattro Bilstein B8 Dampers

    OK I'm in if the 450 included shipping :yum:
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    GB Feeler: A3/S3 8L Quattro Bilstein B8 Dampers

    Hmm colour me interested :sly:
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    A4 2.0tdi s line. Steering wheel vibration

    Try using the steering wheel adjustment lever and pull the steering wheel slightly closer to you, then lock it in place (when you are stationary!). This worked for me for some reason, not sure if the steering column is worn or something...
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    thinking of selling up

    The problem is that you've added another owner to it which lowers the value instantly. Aside from that these really have dropped in value in the last 6 months, for £12k I would want a really special example...good luck with the sale though.
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    RS6 driven!

    Apologies for necro-post, but this section is pretty quiet.... Did anyone else see the RS6 being driven around Castle Coombe at Audi Driver International? I was initially skeptical about the car but honestly I was amazed at the speed of the thing, it was like a jet fighter! It obliterated...
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    Best interior mod ever fbmfsw

    I spoke to the guy on ebay selling these just this week - he said they couldn't do it yet but were looking into it! Would be interested to hear what problems you had to overcome. Looks good :D