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  1. AB RS3

    New Golf R420 has a 5 Cylinder?

    It's an old video and motor1 just republished it lol. Definitely nothing to do with VW. It's an owners car and he's just put the 2.5 lump in. There's no testing or anything, the guys got a yellow L on the back, he's just learning the track with an instructor lol.
  2. AB RS3

    Best exhaust options for FL RS3 (sportback)

    I'm fairly sure I saw him post it on Facebook too. Think he's got an Iroz dp too.
  3. AB RS3

    Best exhaust options for FL RS3 (sportback)

    I think this sounds amazing!
  4. AB RS3

    Facelift Audi Dashcam - Anyone got one?

    Would probably be good for others that have the same issues if you link the thread from the A4 forum here.
  5. AB RS3

    Air Con packed up!

    haha I know that lol. Just wondered because there have been conflicting reports saying that it gets instantly flagged up now. I don't know who to believe
  6. AB RS3

    Air Con packed up!

    Won't the td1 still flag up?
  7. AB RS3

    RS3 MPG - what is the best you have achieved ?

    Highest I've reached is 34mpg but average around 16
  8. AB RS3


    Not yet. Only places I know of are Demon Tweeks and Associated Agricultural Oils. I did hear about someone selling it on eBay but think he's out of stock now.
  9. AB RS3

    Audi supplied decat pipes

    Noob question but would these void anything on warranty since they're from Audi?
  10. AB RS3

    Paddle shifting question.

    You can just push it back the same way you would to change from D/S.
  11. AB RS3

    New Owner

    First of all,:sign welcome: and secondly, to me, it looks stock also.
  12. AB RS3

    Facelift You tube RS3 owner and things he doesn’t like....

    Had a drive yesterday and this 50ish year old woman in an old corrolla wouldn't move over on the dual carriageway to let me pass, eventually after a good few miles she went into the left lane and as I went to pass she starting coming into my lane to try push me into some cones (there's roadworks...
  13. AB RS3

    Legal Or Ilegal Reg Plate

    @billymc92 have you had any issues with damage mate?
  14. AB RS3

    Legal Or Ilegal Reg Plate

    You have to remove the bumper to reach the black trim behind where the plate sits in front of.
  15. AB RS3

    Milltek Sport VAG Tuner Live Donington Park

    I'm going on 1st July for TRAX.
  16. AB RS3

    Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

    Yeah, it's a lot easier though if it echos off of something close by, like a car in the opposite lane.
  17. AB RS3

    Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

    I've got both rattles in mine and it's standard, the first was expected but every now and then I can hear the second rattle at low revs and when reversing.
  18. AB RS3

    Saloon New wheels have arrived

    Lovely wheel typically seen on JDM cars, can't wait to see what it looks like on yours.
  19. AB RS3

    Facelift Ebay RS3 :(

    Reading the condition listed as used just made me laugh