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    don't be tempted to do doughnuts in the snow....

    Any pas pump will be killed on full throttle full lock combo, the rack is a ram and with it on it's stops and the pump at high rpm the fluid will just pressurise untill it breaks. Quite a few manufacturers state this in the handbook. Sorry for your loss, they ain't too cheap
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    £1028.12 for some replacement discs and pads :-(

    On the tt forum there are some of these discs in the for sale section, check it out Chris
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    How bizarre.....centre brakelight intermittent problem

    the center brake light is common to go faulty
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    Wheel spacers... Gauging interest

    No. the hydraulic puller to pull the bearings out, ****** removing the rear arm to put it on a press.
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    Wheel spacers... Gauging interest

    Because vehicles are designed to have the bearing in the center of the wheel, by offsetting the wheel out 20mm it may look pretty but it will **** the bearing in time and i cant see you all having the gear to renew S3 rears? Max i'd go is 15, but then i have the eqpt to fit new. Any ideas on...
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    Replacement S3 engine needed :(

    That is actually quite funny! The chocolate engined subaru compared to the unreliable audi, brightened up my sunday. Any unloved car will be unreliable, but subaru! Would definately change jobs if i ever thought i was in that category.
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    4WD System not working

    I cant see it being the bevel box (transfer box), if you managed to get the car to move at all then it would make some pretty nasty noises. I think you may be mistaken for the haldex setup?
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    Help with longitudinal sensor

    My ESP light comes on every now and then and flags up the lateral sensor, done it twice tonight. All lateral and longitudanal sensors need calibrating when fitted, one day I'll do mine.
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    Anyone doing / thinking of doing the sai removal?

    Any weight is better than no weight, two kilo less is two kilo more fuel on the track.
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    Anyone doing / thinking of doing the sai removal?

    Less weight, more space, less to go wrong etc
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    Anyone doing / thinking of doing the sai removal?

    You will need the seal too, my SAI will be in the bin by weds eve. At 18 quid or so delivered for all the bits required I couldn't fault the forge one.
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    FAULT:- Coolant Fan Control Circuit 1: Electrical Malfunction

    With the a/c on the fans should cut in and out, check in your handbook for fuse locations. Its not uncommon for fan ctrl units to go t1ts up but youd want to make sure its that due to cost.
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    FAULT:- Coolant Fan Control Circuit 1: Electrical Malfunction

    Do the fans work with the a/c on? The fuse is in the engine bay, its a 10 amp one, cant remember the number.
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    Check this out thoughts please

    no no no no no no. looks like the novas of the 90's
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    4WD System not working

    The 8l system alway has drive to the rear just at times not noticeable. This is why all four wheels spin up on the ramp and when the system is broke they dont. Westle is also correct in his discription of the different times more or less power is supplied and when being nailed the drive to the...
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    Both are ligit fails, cant really see the point of the thread? There is an actual MOT test manual testers use, we cant just make things up. And seeing as RRP set by vosa is well over what you will end up paying it makes even less sense.
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    S3 Service Advice Please

    Go for the interim and ask for the vehicle to be set to fixed, then at 40k have the major as plugs and air will be due, dont forget the pollen filter and haldex service req'd as per mileage will be at extra cost
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    Stay or go???

    Thanks for pointing out the forge blanking plate, think i will be kissing my secondary air system goodbye at the end of the month.
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    Stay or go???

    If its no longer plugged in then it will log a fault, if its coded out then the ecu wont know what its missing.