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  1. dandav1985

    Drive train Oil help.

    Help wanted ladies and gentlemen please!!! I'm wanting to do transfer box, rear dif and haldex oil change and filter clean. Am I right for thinking the quantities are as follows? Rear diff, 75w/90 synthetic - 0.95l? Haldex, Audi part no: G055175A2? Transfer box same as diff? Any help would...
  2. dandav1985

    Passenger Auto Dim Mirror.

    Hello People, Why do Audi not fit the Auto Dimming Mirror to the passenger side? My S3 8P had both driver and passenger Auto Dimming Mirrors, but the 8v only has it fitted to the drivers side. Cheers Dan
  3. dandav1985

    Hold Assist Retrofit.

    Hello Lads and lasses, I have now completed the hold assist retrofit, thought i'd pass on the information. Hope this helps somewhat. Hold Assist Audi A3 S3 8V 1. Remove the Glovebox, there is also a bolt behind the CD changer and disconnect all the wires to the CD changer, LED light and the...
  4. dandav1985

    Hill Hold retrofit and High beam assist on the cards

    Hello, Anyone ever retrofitted Hill Hold Assist to their 8V, my 2014 S3 stronic didn't come with it. So I've ordered the switch from TPS, just need the wiring loom. Any help or pointers would be great. Also ive seen on eBay this kit for High Beam assist anyone tried them...
  5. dandav1985

    Transfer Box and Rear Diff Oils

    Hello Lads and Lasses, Would anyone happen to know the what oil is to used on my S3 9V Transfer Box and Diff? and liters, I'll be doing these at the same time as the Haldex and S-Tronic Oil. If I remember the 8P was 75w-90 about .7 in the diff and .9 ltr in the Transfer Box Cheers Dan
  6. dandav1985

    Audi ****** Connect Problems

    Hello Lads and Lasses, Has anyone successfully connected there Android phone to the MMI for audi connect instead of buying a SIM card? I for some reason can not for the life of me connect my phone for bluetooth tethering. See pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Dan
  7. dandav1985

    New 8v owner

    Hello lads and Lasses, Thought I'd post some photos of my 14000 mile 2014 s3, pan roof, b and o, electric seats, park assist, mirror pack etc. Car pictures First Mod. Love it.
  8. dandav1985

    Brake disk upgrade

    Hello Lads and lasses, What Brake Disks are you guys running? I'm thinking of fitting the GTI Clubsport ones< worth it? Cheers Dan
  9. dandav1985

    Audi s3 8v s-tronic dashboard message

    Hello, lads keep getting this mesage on my instrument cluster, only stays on for three seconds then goes off. Sometimes it'll do it three time a trip and sometime's not at all. Message below Shift to P before driving, Electrical fault please see manufacturer Mate scanned the other day and...
  10. dandav1985

    Audi A3 Saloon Xenon and rear LED retrofit.

    Hello, Just bought a 2015 A3 saloon with standard halogen head lights, Ive just bought the Xenon head lights and the kufatec looms, these looms have four multi plugs and two wires with connectors on the end. Anyone know where these go CECM what pin numbers. also are the rear LED lights easy to...
  11. dandav1985

    audi s3 climate control help

    Hello, I have a problem with my climate control on my 2010 s3, the climate control on the passenger side only blows cold air no mater what the temperature is set on the dials. Plugged it in with vcds and no error codes anyone have any ideas. Cheers Dan
  12. dandav1985

    Audi S3 S-tronic Transfer Box and rear diff oil recommendations.

    Hello, Had my Gearbox and haldex oil changed last year, Im wanting to change the oil in the Transfer box and Rear Diff. Cant seem to find what oil to use, I'm assuming the same oil as the gear box. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Dan
  13. dandav1985

    s3 sport back top mounts

    Hello lads and lasses, i have a 2010 audi s3 sb and my front top mounts are away, just wanted what's everyone fitting as replacements. I've heard the RS3 ones are slightly better stiffer, cheaper and a direct fit. This true would anyone recommend this. I went to TPS today and they say that they...
  14. dandav1985

    Inlet Valve clean or decoke, anyone had this done, S3

    Hello Lads and lass's Has anyone had their 2.0 TFSI/S3 inlet valves De-coked, I have my car booked in at Durham re-maps tomorrow for their BG clean. Maybe I should of asked earlier. Is it worth doing as my car now has 50000 miles on the clock and is starting to idle a little rough and I was...
  15. dandav1985

    Audi S3 Instrument cluster coding help

    Hello For some mad reason my 2010 S3 Sport back seat belt, low washer bottle and cornering fogs ( with the indicators on ) lights don't seem to be working my coding is as follows 0001480. is this correct dont really want to start changing anything just in case. Ive never adjusted anything...
  16. dandav1985

    Fault code help on Audi A4 20 TDI 140 Cr

    Hello Good mate of mine has just bought a 2012 Audi A4 2.0 Cr 140 tdi, all the bells and whistles. He has been experiencing the car going into limp home mode and the flashing heater plug light with the engine like on. So I have scanned it today and this is the result of the scan...
  17. dandav1985

    High Beam Assist Retrofit.

    Hello people Long time since I've posted. Been doing some research and as far as I'm aware the audi s3 from 2010 came with high beam assist as an option. As my s3 has auto lights and wipers and is a late face lift 2009, I was wondering how easy it was to retrofit the high beam assist to my...
  18. dandav1985

    Audi s3 2010 footwell lighting help.

    Hello people, Got round to fitting the footwell lights today (looms suppled by robin) and I must say they are great quality. Car is a Audi s3 8p3 2010 sb. I've followed the guild on this forum And The problem I'm have is my CECM unit dose not look like the one in the thread so I dont know...
  19. dandav1985

    Audi S3 Airbag light Help

    Hello Lads and lasses, I have the Red Airbag light on my dash, My car is a 2010 s3 SB. Nothing has been touched it just appeared two days ago. Ive tried resetting it Via VCDS and the light went out but came on 40miles later. VCDS says 1 Fault Found: 9437467 - Igniter 2 for Driver's Airbag...
  20. dandav1985

    Weird problem with my s-tronic

    Alreet lads, Im experiencing a little trouble with the s3, keeps jumping out of gear when in Manual, it's done it three times now only when turning right on a roundabout in third gear. When this happens I have to select drive and all is fine. Car is a 2009 s3 8p stronic not got any error codes...