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    LHD Bixenons

    I opened this topic to try and share some knowledge and experience and get some information on what folks have done in relation to LHD lights. From searches I did on the forum I couldn't find any useful specific information, ie projector design, make, lens type specific to the 8p. It is a...
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    LHD Bixenons

    What did Mike Foster actually advise me?? Did he have anything to say about this topic or simply responded to "attack" me? Just read what he wrote :).
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    LHD Bixenons

    This is a free forum, if you have nothing to say on the topic in hand then go and hide :Flush: So many keyboard mechanics nowadays :eiertritt:
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    LHD Bixenons

    You wont change the spread pattern of a projector by just lowering the level so you did not understand or answer my question. Post count does not show ones wisdom or superiority, I just simply wanted an opinion from folks who have encountered this before and itwasntme187 initial response was...
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    LHD Bixenons

    Which gen BMW valeos did you use? Were they the bixenon units? I have also done a couple retrofits with the valeos, and they worked out good, the shrouds switch could be reached from within the headlight not needing to open it up. Im thinking audi projectors would be hella most likley? So...
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    LHD Bixenons

    1) I never asked you to open your headlights up,if you didn't know you shouldn't have answered. 2) We are not all rich like you that's why we like to try other ways where possible. I am however amazed by the speed of your "useful" replies good job :)
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    LHD Bixenons

    Cut off shield would produce the cut off line in projectors. You havent looked inside the projector and shield design in the audi and you simply dont know. No point throwing random answers just to increase your post count :)
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    LHD Bixenons

    Have you opened a bixenon headlight and look inside the projector shrouds?
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    LHD Bixenons

    No what i am asking is if there is a flick (gate) inside the projector shrouds to cut the beam pattern correctly. I have not seen inside A3 projectors therefore i dont know what to excpect.
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    LHD Bixenons

    Got my eye on a set of LHD xenon and also bixenon headlights from europe, just wondering if the projectors have the option to be use on rhd uk cars, on BMW e92 cars I have seen they have a gate on the projector shroud to be switched adapted for both sides, wondering if audi uses the same setup?
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    Rear Bumper/Diffuser

    I have the same bumper as the one in the picture but without the black grill, can a s3 additional diffuser be added in its place? sorry not related
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    A3 - S3 bumper

    can you fit the s3 diffuser onto a black edition 3 door rear bumper?
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    HID KIT Confusion.................?

    Has anyone tried retrofitting different projectors altogether into the headlight? There are some superior projectors out there for a fraction of the price bixenons go for.
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    £72 for 2nd hand 8P S-Line fog grills on ebay

    I was watching that, it got all ****** at the end!
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    To tune or not to tune ? (2.0 tdi 140 cr)

    Do you have to keep the box plugged in all the time? Can it ne used to load other maps to other tdi vag cars?
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    how do get an s3 off the line as quickly as possible?

    you can get the haldex to spin all 4 but thats if you have peloquin front and back and enough power... oh and a pretty strong clutch too otherwise you will do this to your clutch and gearbox
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    Help needed!..3.2Q DSG Hesitant engine ~ 2k rpm

    Read whole thread, I will probably avoid buying the V6!