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    Oil change - London or Surrey

    I would but its on pcp and would like the correct records in place and note made
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    Oil change - London or Surrey

    Morning all, Does anyone have any recomendations with regards a company who can chnage the oil? Due in 700 miles and I’m keen to avoid paying Audi main stealer prices. Thanks in advance!
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    Facelift Gearbox malfunction... 5 days old

    I wouldnt waste your time. Turning the car off and on solves the problem, Audi will say they have investigated it but sadly they wont, they have no idea.
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    Facelift Audi S3 Facelift Insurance at 21 one year NCB

    Mines 600 32 max no claims. Get something with less power!
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    rattling pano roof

    Its a pain. It happened to me when the bass was loud too. Even on news alerts every half hour, it has driven me mad. I should add that even though they have said its a known fault and ‘fixed’ it, i still occasionally get the noise and its irritating!!
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    rattling pano roof

    Not sure if this is still a problem but mine has been in for the third time. Audi have released a bulletin on this, it is a known issue. If you need/want the exact details let me know, happy to send a copy of the paperwork they gave me which confirms the same
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    What MPG on average.

    This made me laugh ALOT! 1.0tfsi...doing 52mpg? WELL DONE, I’d say thats bad.... Mine is about 30 combo
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    Audi on the 'most stealable' list .. worrying?

    Mine was £87 more for 4 yrs
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    Audi on the 'most stealable' list .. worrying?

    Im sorry this is really true. This is so boring. Please, if you are worried sbout your car being nicked, sell it and buy something awful. Otherwise, grow up
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    Pops and bangs

    Out the sun roof. Its expensive enough as it is to run, I dont need the roof open!
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    Pops and bangs

    Why would you do that? Its winter and expensive!
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    Helpng using Audi Connect App

    Much more basic and i dont understand why? Its the only premium brand i know that has such a rubbish app
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    Facelift Traffic information query

    I believe it is google
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    Helpng using Audi Connect App

    I dont understand why Audi dont have similar systems to bmw, range rover etc. It obviously cant be hard or difficult to have an ‘interactive’ app as apposed to this **** they give us that doesnt work?
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    Helpng using Audi Connect App

    Well the app doesnt work...its therefore useless. It sounds silly but it is quite good to be able to find your car if you walk and get lost, for example ( a silly one I know)
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    Helpng using Audi Connect App

    Ive had my car for 6 months and initally tried working the app, failed and just enjoyed the car instead. Now it is annoying me. Im unable to see the cars location etc. Other brands such as BMW work out of the ‘box’ and once the app is downloaded on the phone, it links to the car automatically...
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    Sale on finance ?

    If you are paying by credit card, thats a lot of interest?
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    Servicing Costs?

    You wanna be quick...this eu lark is getting out of hand quickly!
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    S3 ordered

    Its one of, if not the best options I have ever specced on a car. The only problem is, I watch the light patterns more than the road sometimes, it is magical.
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    S3 8v exhaust pipe cleaner

    I have some of the ‘dragons breath’ for the alloys. I squirts twice into each pipe before doing the alloys and then power washing off. It loosens all the soot off and once rubbed down, they gleam