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  1. AlexMac

    Audi Bose humming noise!

    Out of interest, have you tried unplugging the aerial from the back of the headunit? Had EXACTLY the same problem with mine and despite extensive fault finding, adapters, filters, ground loops and even a bit of rewiring earths at the rear of the car, never managed to get rid of it. Unplugged the...
  2. AlexMac

    my car used to have rns-e but i have bought a concert and it wont power up ? is the quadlock diffren

    The pinouts for Symphony II+/Concert II quadlock are VERY slightly different from the RNS-E (the Symphony/Concert variants communicate through the K-Line, but the RNS-E uses the CANBUS. Need to move a couple of pins around to make it work. Basically need to do the reverse of this guide...
  3. AlexMac

    URGENT HELP Boot Handle Lock Cylinder Removal

    Been forever since I did one, but from memory there's a bolt holding the cylinder on to the assembly. Once it's removed (might be tight), and all cables/wires are disconnected, you have to turn the cylinder assembly 90 degrees then a bit of pushing/wiggling should release it. As I say, been a...
  4. AlexMac

    Aftermarket B7 bumpers.

    ↑ This! I've started seeing a lot of those around too. Not an awful design per se, but too square and boxy on a B7 (which is all about the curves). I think Rob's find actually looks like it really belongs on the car!
  5. AlexMac

    Aftermarket B7 bumpers.

    Sorry, can't offer any insight into the product, but looking at the pics I wondered whether it's an SE or S-Line grill fitment. Can't remember off-hand but had a feeling you're running a genuine RS4 grill. Is that definitely going to still fit?
  6. AlexMac

    PR-1LA or PR-1LC... what’s the difference?

    ↑ This. Yep, PR-1LC is the cross drilled variant from the 2.0 Tfsi Spec Ed and DTM. Basically if you've got a BUL engine, it's the factory fit.
  7. AlexMac

    Bulb monitor false display

    Normally the dreaded light cluster earth fault with those symptoms matey. Had exactly the same, especially after I set the tail lights to come on with the DRLs. I tried the usual cleaning up the pins and socket between cluster and loom. Worked for a bit, but not 100%. In the end I just soldered...
  8. AlexMac

    Fan stays on

    Right, assuming you don't have any fault codes stored or clearing them hasn't solved the problem, I've had a chance to look at the flow charts and another possibility is the 614 relays. There's normally a couple located under the ECU in the battery compartment, and one above the comfort control...
  9. AlexMac

    Fan stays on

    Also worth doing a scan of the ECU if poss. I believe the cooling fans default to a full speed state if there are ANY faults recorded relating to engine temp (as a safety measure). I really need to have a look at the wiring diagrams, but I think there may be a fuse you can pull to confirm...
  10. AlexMac

    Fan stays on

    The only time I've personally encountered this it was down to the ECU issue, but from memory there's a variety of possible causes. Given that it cuts off when you open a door I'm guessing a temp sensor issue is unlikely (but I honestly don't know for sure). If it was me, the first port of call...
  11. AlexMac

    Fan stays on

    Any sign of water in the battery area? Not unusual for a drowning ECU to throw up symptoms like this (hopefully not though!)
  12. AlexMac

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    What clutch did you finally decide on Rob? Just had mine done, stuck with the stock LUK parts (and a new rear oil seal on the crank) 'cos I'm not taking this motor beyond STG1 anyway. Giving it 500 town miles to properly break in feels like it's taking FOREVER though...
  13. AlexMac

    Bluetooth help

    Might be of some use:
  14. AlexMac

    Bluetooth help

    Just out of interest, any signs of non-standard wiring around the factory amp in the boot? Definitely sounds like some kind of aftermarket set-up has been used in the past...
  15. AlexMac

    Questions about RNS-E Sat Nav

    Awesome news mate. Love it when a fix is that easy!
  16. AlexMac

    Battery Drain B7

    Not necessarily a comfort module issue. If ANY of the modules are faulty (or have a faulty connection) they can keep one of the canbus systems alive, which in turn keeps the Comfort Control Module awake (which is what's happening). Sadly it won't just be the Hazard Light and Headlight...
  17. AlexMac

    Bluetooth help

    Not sure if it's at all relevant, but one of my previous Audi's (A3) used to show very similar intermittent speaker open circuit errors due to having an aftermarket handsfree kit fitted (Nokia IIRC) by the previous owner. Don't know if it's indicative of your car having been fitted with an...
  18. AlexMac

    Questions about RNS-E Sat Nav

    I always forget about that option! Would have been tempted to try it myself if I hadn't already got VCDS (especially having an Android HU in the car). Obviously need the Pro version for any coding, and I don't love the requirement for a 'Good stable internet connection' in order to use it (not...
  19. AlexMac


    PM'd my details to add...
  20. AlexMac

    Questions about RNS-E Sat Nav

    I'm pretty sure a cheapo ebay job won't cut it I'm afraid, needs full legit VCDS. Not cheap, but was the single best investment I EVER made in the way of tools. Not sure whereabouts you're located, but have you checked the VCDS users map to see if anyone local to you...