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  1. lewi89

    Boost Gauge for TDi

    quick question regarding boost gauges for a TDi. Just bought the OSIR vent pod, but i'm just wondering about the gauge itself. I'm not actually sure on boost pressure as i've got a hybrid turbo fitted and will be upping the power again soon. Are the gauges that display 2bar enough for this...
  2. lewi89

    A3 8P DRL's

  3. lewi89

    A3 8P DRL's

    It's a 55 plate. I do indeed have halogen headlights at the moment.
  4. lewi89

    A3 8P DRL's

    What is the best option to go for in regards to fitting the above? I'd like to keep it as close to oem as I can. I've tried having a look for the official Audi ones but haven't had any luck so far. Any advice on this? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. lewi89

    Anyone mapped a pd140 that made siron noise and would occasionlly go into limp mode?

    My turbo went to the great scrapyard in the sky, but I fear it was on its way out anyway. I upgraded my turbo to a hybrid and haven't looked back since!
  6. lewi89

    A3 TDI Quattro exhaust options

    Haha no worries bud! Still weighing up the options. The guy that does it isn't back at the garage until August but I might have a look about end enquire elsewhere too
  7. lewi89

    A3 TDI Quattro exhaust options

    I don't have a DPF as its the PD140. I'll still keep you informed of what I go with etc.
  8. lewi89

    A3 TDI Quattro exhaust options

    It's a tough decision ha! Had a chat with the garage about it and their view on it is that no back box can make it sound quite droning on long trips. They also said they will stick a cat in the floor so it can be swapped out come mot time all for about 400 quid from the turbo back. I'm...
  9. lewi89

    A3 TDI Quattro exhaust options

    Guys/gals I'm going to be enquiring today about getting a custom exhaust fabricated. Any ideas that anyone can think of that would be beneficial? Is it worth deleting the back box? I have a hybrid turbo fitted also, if this makes a difference as I'll be looking to get a custom map in the...
  10. lewi89

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    So happy with my car at the moment after being off the road for months with a blown turbo! Replaced with a hybrid now! Just had the standard wheels sprayed black and I love them. Just away to pick up my black centre caps and hopefully my black grille will arrive and I'll be super happy! :D
  11. lewi89

    Hybrid Turbo + other mods needed? 2.0 140 tdi quattro

    cheers guys. so just for clarification, it would be around 230bhp max that i will be looking at without upgrading the injectors (that will come at a later date as that's gonna be £££ haha)
  12. lewi89

    Hybrid Turbo + other mods needed? 2.0 140 tdi quattro

    After having my new hybrid turbo destroyed by parts of the old stock turbo (incompetent mechanic who fitted it) i'm now going to have to get a second hybrid built. Question is... what would the best supporting mods be for it? is the darkside EGR delete kit worth purchasing? (also have to get...
  13. lewi89

    Esp Problem?

    Not saying it is, as i'm not sure if yours is Quattro but when mine was on it was my haldex that had decided to go bye bye
  14. lewi89

    *** HID group buy from WELLDONEHID. Wiper safe. ***

    Is anyone doing another group buy on these? Just missed out on this one. pay day is only 3 days away!
  15. lewi89

    BOV sound when changing gear/letting off throttle 2.0 TDi s line Quattro

    completey forgot about updating this! the power loss was due to the Haldex Module failing, so i had to get a new one fitted. the whooshing noise however, they think it is a loose o ring, but couldn't find out which one it is :/ so i'm stuck with the noise for now. i'm completely stumped...
  16. lewi89

    What do you do for a job?

    Material Controller for Wood Group PSN. Had to move away from home (lowestoft) for work because the companies simply don;t pay enough, so here I am living in Aberdeen now!
  17. lewi89

    World Cup!

    hahaha. I'm far from brave, just stupid!
  18. lewi89

    Tdi tuning box info needed

    would i be right in thinking a tuning box is generic for the model of car, whereas the remap is specifically tailored to your car?
  19. lewi89

    World Cup!

    it's ridiculous init. I'm half welsh and half english. in england it doesn't matter if you wear a scotland shirt, but in scotland you wear an england shirt and all hell breaks loose! out with my mates and they support anyone that is playing england. i just don't understand it all anymore
  20. lewi89

    World Cup!

    I'll be wearing my england shirt walking through aberdeen haha. Ready to get knocked out!