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  1. Wango

    Juddering front wipers

    Did exactly the same thing and now I'm judder last
  2. Wango

    Rs3 engine oil light. No oil! After only 2.5k

    Had this happen to mine on Thursday. She's done 7k and was just showing a level. Got her booked in today for a oil change as well . Also noticed the oil was very black. I'd like to think I drive her carefully from a cold start and always cool her down a couple a miles from home. I washed her...
  3. Wango

    The one that got away......

    We will be dead in 30 years. **** it is my answer
  4. Wango

    Honest 1 month review

  5. Wango

    No RS3 orders being taken

    i can honestly say my baby will be in my drive for the next three years...............come see. i ******* love her.
  6. Wango

    3 months on

    7 months on....still speachless. i still tell her i love her
  7. Wango

    Gutted, kerbed alloy!

    It took the guy about a hour to do mine in the driveway. If its a light scuff i would presume pretty much the same. I used he charged £65 to do mine.
  8. Wango

    Gutted, kerbed alloy!

    My good lady did it on her first drive. 3 days old!!! i was soo calm... £65 later its just a memory. Oh and a bargaining tool :whistle2:
  9. Wango

    Any owners in east anglia with mag suspension and exhaust?

    Yeh i took it out in July. I have never grinned from ear to ear for so long.. My jaw was aching by the time i got back. I think ABYSS on here got his a couple of months ago from KL audi. Maybe send him a pm.
  10. Wango

    Any owners in east anglia with mag suspension and exhaust?

    I am getting mine from KL Audi should be picking her up early november. She will have the dynamic pack. If you still need a ride then. Give me a shout.
  11. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    Contact Audi customer services. I had to do it as the dealer put my name in wrong on the order. Took a couple of days to sort it out
  12. Wango

    Too loud at start up

    Pics @HJS .. please.
  13. Wango

    Order date vs Build week

    Ordered 16th May - BW 41
  14. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    At last a bw for me albeit months away. Monopole - Basingstoke - Nardo Nimbus265 - Newbury - BW37 Code 10 - Sepang (BW updated) Scotty2011 - Aberdeen - BW37 - Glacier Disco Dal - Southend - Nardo Jimbo S3 Tom P – Basingstoke ChinsTTS – Amersham - BW28 ABYSS – Kings Lynn Quinnii - Newcastle -...
  15. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    After a few calls to Audi cs i get a bw...... 41 :nogarors4::hubbahubba: But still no join with my audi website :notworking: Took me a month to get this information.. ok 1 month 8 days and 11hrs 23mins:haha:
  16. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    Well ok i dont hate you... but you get the idea :sex:
  17. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    Ok I hate you...
  18. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    As of yesterday I am sepang and the gods allowed me the dynamic pack. Thank you oh great one!!(bless her) My Audi dealer is Kings Lynn. They have a black demo. Had a look around her yesterday morning. Rep jumped in next to me said ok let's go for a spin. 30 minutes of grinning from ear to ear...
  19. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    Am I correct in saying without the phone box there are is no usb in the car? So the only way to hardwire your phone is with the ami in the centre console. For some reason everything my dealer tells me, I take with a pinch of salt.
  20. Wango

    RS3 8V Orders List

    I was told by my dealer yesterday you get the required leads free with the car. I am still not 100% on this tho.