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    Coventry Dub Club meets - New Location

    Can I come? ☺pm'd for location.
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    s3 written off :( see ya.

    p.s it was kingfisher blue :(
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    s3 written off :( see ya.

    was a tasty example pretty much immac! didn't do to badly settled on 4k plus expenses. don't think its goin to be another s3 have had 2 a3s before and an s3 so think its time to change. Might go jap or a mk5 gti I think.
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    s3 written off :( see ya.

    So my s3 is classed as a write off due to someone crashing into me, after debating to keep her and fix her the car has gone to audi heaven or some salvage yard for them to fix her and sell her on. i'm sure someone will be back on here with it in the next month or so...
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    took car to tire fitter, for wheel bearing and cv boot . not good

    p.s they would cause a right racket too
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    took car to tire fitter, for wheel bearing and cv boot . not good

    some tyres just wear like that inc bridgestones!
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    Steering rack

    yes it is fairly easy but normally pretttty tight, Quite a big spanner size I think too.
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    IHI VF34 AGU build

    does the input shaft in the gear box move?
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    Axel nut keeps coming loose!

    a wheel bearing yes and it would have to be all the way in to put the cir clip in place.. but a flange normally presses straight in with out too much force.
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    Axel nut keeps coming loose!

    wrong size bolt? I would have thought if it wasn't pressed on far enough doing it up should move it on a bit unless this is what's happening and the bolt appears loose until its 'home' what about a bit of locktite.
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    Spark plug spinning in cylinder head

    you might just be able to re tap it. as you say a hoover and spin it over without the plug in the cyl.
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    Spark plug spinning in cylinder head

    look up a mechanical engineering company. I have worked for many garages and come across awkward situations, sometimes we have used them and they will come out to you.
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    S3 Spark plugs ?

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    Audi s3 FUEL Smell ??

    I had a faint smell of fuel from my engine bay the other week, not inside the cabin though. it turned out to be the pipe that comes from the carbon canister by the coolant bottle had rubbed through, I cut and joined the pipe back together, all ok now. I would also check the fpr hose, injector...
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    Think your in the wrong section sorry, post under the 8p section.
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    audi a3 misfire and its not the coilpack or icm

    check compression on the effected cylinder. i had this problem on my old agu and it was the old ignition amplifier but i just used to pull the plug and clean it out from time to time. Also check the pins on the amplifier plug, maybe squirt some cleaner in there.
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    blue s3 S333 **W

    That's me :)
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    Josh's progress thread

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    Josh's progress thread

    p.s vrrob, do you have any other pics of you car? just to have a butchers at the suspension? cheers