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  1. R55ENS

    For Sale 2000 Audi B5 S4 Nogaro blue face-lift 2.7 biturbo

    2000 'V' FL saloon in Nagaro Blue 178,800 miles Mot due 06/04/2020 8 previous owners Stage 1 remap by MRC tuning. 348bhp and 550nm with launch control and flat shift Pipercross panel filter Uprated N version OEM diverter valves Audi TT 1.8T ignition amplifiers Silicon Y-Pipe RS4 B5 clutch pack...
  2. R55ENS

    Creaking noise - Help

    I've had issues with creaking on the inside. Took it in and dealer said it was a loose cable! Bull ****! Didn't sort it. Was looking through a tread the other day and someone mentioned it was the rear seat latch that speaks. The dealer greased it up for them and it cured it. I've done the same...
  3. R55ENS

    IS ANYBODY CONTENT with their Audi RS3?

    Its not as bad as your led to believe. Ive had my RS for almost 4 months and have had to give my Lunar seats one quick clean. Both me and the wife only wear jeans and the seats got a little stained. I used some AutoGlym leather cleaner and it worked brilliantly. I reckon a good clean once every...
  4. R55ENS

    Nardo v mythos black

    But orange looks so good!
  5. R55ENS

    No RS3 orders being taken

    Get it bought! You wont regret it at all! :D:D
  6. R55ENS

    No RS3 orders being taken

    How about we all draw a line under this until Audi release some actually information? Up until that point its all speculation, which will cause agro between everyone. Im over the moon with mine, and the release of a facelift isnt troubling me. I am however looking forward to see it, i just...
  7. R55ENS

    RS3 Face lift coming in November

    Im actually looking forward to seeing if they can improve the current one in anyway. Doubt it though as its pretty spot on as is! A power increase means nothing, as a remap would sort that. And if they give it the front end off that saloon we've all seen then ill be glad i got a pre-facelift...
  8. R55ENS

    RS3 latest discounts

    Whats this in aid of? Were just having a discussion. No ones arguing.
  9. R55ENS

    RS3 latest discounts

    How is it foolish? Its something i want, which i can afford. Why not buy it? Afterall the price is the price. You might be missing just how good these cars are. £50k for a 5 seater family car that can hit 60 in 4 seconds. And sounds as good as it does? Worth every penny in my eyes! And going...
  10. R55ENS

    RS3 latest discounts

    Perspective. You dont think so, I think it is! And no need to name call And what do you mean im full of it?
  11. R55ENS

    RS3 latest discounts

    All this ******** about finding the right deal. If you want the car, get it bought. Mines a £50k spec and i got zero discount. I didnt even ask for any as the figures just worked out. And it really annoys me when people come into the RS3 specific section just to bash on it. The RS3 is top...
  12. R55ENS

    Blue jean dye on seats... 4 Days old.

    I had to bin a brown leather belt when i got my RS3. After 3 days li noticed it leaving a mark on the leather. No blue staining yet, but i know its going to happen at some point! Will have to give the AutoGlym stuff a go! These seats look great but im constantly worried they are going to get...
  13. R55ENS

    Rust on rim of brake discs..

    I would never complain about a rusty brake disc! But if you feel you need to go down that route then power to you! Btw, mine aren't rusty, its called patina! :D :p
  14. R55ENS

    Rust on rim of brake discs..

    Its bare steel that gets extremely hot whilst exposed to water/salt/road grime. Its inevitable. And engines aren't consumables so thats a different matter all together! Plus its a brake disc. What does it matter? If a wing or door was rusting then fair enough. I just cant see the big deal in...
  15. R55ENS

    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    That looks great in Floret! Get some more pics up! :D
  16. R55ENS

    Rust on rim of brake discs..

    Steel + water = rust! Nothing you can do about it. Dont get hung up on it!