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    Knock when accelerating/braking

    Was hoping it was just a suspension's coming from the drivers side. Where was yours??
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    Knock when accelerating/braking

    Hi all I've a 1.9tdi awx..was just wondering has anyone came across this..when accelerating I can hear a couple of loud knocks and the same when braking..anyone any ideas?
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    Starting problem

    Hi recently my car has started having an intermittent starting problem when you turn the key all you hear is a loud click which seems to becoming from the starter. After the a few turns of the key it would fire up. Thought it was the battery so changed it..and it didnt solve it. So took the...
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    Starting problem

    Got abit of an intermittent starting problem..when i turn the key i get nothing just a click..still get all the lights on the dash. But if i turn the key off and go to start again the cars fires right up. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Couple of issues, need fixed asap

    Relays are worth a try in the ecu box..had similar problems put every light on the dash on.
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    Timing belt and water pump AWX

    Hi all just wondering csn anyone point me in the direction of a good timing belt and waterpump for my a4 and is there anything else worth changing while im getting it done? Thanks
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    A4 1.9tdi not getting fuel

    Got it sorted...was relay 395 took it out and could see right away it was toast...the 5 prongs were rusty as hell.
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    A4 1.9tdi not getting fuel

    Ruairi_a4Member Hi everyone recently got back from holidays and jumped in the car this morning to go to work...she started fine and then about half a mile down the road she just died on me...kept trying to restart but realised i couldnt hear ther whine of the fuel pump,got one out of the...
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    whats likly to of failed (powersteering)

    The second hand rack I fitted in my car is away..coming out the passenger side now..should have just bought a recon'd one.
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    whats likly to of failed (powersteering)

    Exact thing happened me..was leaking out through the gaiter on the passenger side! Ended up getting a new rack in
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    Power steering fluid leak

    Power steering fluid started leaking today pretty badly...put about half a litre in it and by the time I got to my destination about 25 mile it had completely gone! I can see it all over the brake caliper and inside of the wheelwell on the passenger side. Anyone came across this before? Thanks
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    Rear shocks

    Hi all the rear shocks are weeping on my A4 avant there a difference between the sport shocks and se? And could anyone point me in the right direction of where to get a set. Thanks
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    check break error when turning lights on

    Do you turn your lights on before starting the car? Happened mine but stopped when I started the car and then put the lights on.
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    Broken electric window

    Your better just buying the whole window regulator..done mine a few months ago..If your handy with the tools will take about 2 hours..think there's a how to on this site somewhere.
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    Engine carbon clean

    Just got it done...took the car out a run. Although I think the car runs better..It's still going into limp mode! Looks like the turbos gonna have to come out! Any how to's on taking the turbo out??
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    Engine carbon clean

    Glad to hear it...don't wanna do it and it to be a waste of money but I suppose it's better than forking out for a recon'd turbo.
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    Engine carbon clean

    Yea it's a it would be worth doing..I've sticky turbo veins so wondering will it help or cure the problem.
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    Engine carbon clean

    Anyone ever used one?? Just wondering if it's worth my while booking the car to get done or just to leave it?
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Done the mr muscle method on the turbo and changed the n75 valve...still going into limp mode and throwing up boost deviation fault.:wtf:
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    Car lost all power

    Finally got the actuator arm to move a much movement should be in it??