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  1. Boon

    Humm would love to lower her...

    Would love to lower but want to keep the ride quality It's a 2.0TDi Sport, not looking to change the wheels (I quite like them!) But would like the look of this, not sure if coilovers would give me a similar ride (not looking for better handling just a nice smooth ride) Photoshopped lower...
  2. Boon

    Makita polishing session

    Thought I'd have a go on my 16yr old van to get some practice... Before I attempt a wet sand and polish to remove the peal from my A3 8P!
  3. Boon

    Electric windows stop working after 10 minutes??

    Am I missing something from VCDS to stop the windows from turning off after approx 10 minutes after turning the engine off but leaving the key in the ignition or a door is opened? The radio also turns off (RNSe) after 30 minutes but don't mind that
  4. Boon

    Matt paint...

    My mate has just got a matt black painted car and got me thinking on what's the best way to look after it! Surely it can't be waxed/polished! He's also got a few dings & small dents but fearful of getting the PDR kit on it for fear of removing the paint/marking it (has been resprayed matt...
  5. Boon

    Shark remap @ W8 Performance

    Just want to say thanks to Rob at W8 Performace for a top job 2.0TDi 140 (BKD) Performance map EGR mapped out Hot start problem remapped and cured!!! Instant start at all temperatures Power really nice and progressive, and it doesn't stop coming! Fully recommend Stage 2 next??!!
  6. Boon

    Oil catch can on 2.0TDi BKD

    I have rather a lot of oil in the inlet side and also believe the PCV valve is shot Would it be an idea to add a catch can or just replace the PCV?
  7. Boon

    Revo SPS 2 card/controller

    Would anybody be interested in buying a Revo SPS 2 OBDII controller? Was used on a 2002 8L 1.8T S3
  8. Boon

    Water in boot - Sportback

    Has anybody had problems with water in boot/spare wheel well? I've noticed it recently as the car was misting up when raining - even with climate control on recirculate Currently removed all the panels in the boot area and found it to be wet in the rear drivers side (right in the rear corner...
  9. Boon

    VW Lupo Airbag Delete/Disable?

    Hi all! My mate has just bought a VW Lupo and the steering wheel has been changed and thus left the airbag light on... I have tried to disable it with VCDS but still comes up with the faults and the light on the dash Is there any way to disable the lot? Soft coding maybe? Log as follows...
  10. Boon

    Multi function steering wheel

    Would anyone know if a direct replacement, what extra parts need to replace my wheel my current p/n 8P0 419 091 change to 8T0 419 091 I have vag-com to enable the multifunction but will it require any wireing or modules? thanks