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    You slowing me down again on purpose??

    Why u doing this?
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    Not possible to report post

    When I click on drop down menu there is nothing to select
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    Nobody thought this could exist

    Who already seen an good year safety shoes?? I like them they are quite nice :)
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    Tried to replace glow plugs audi full of surprises

    Tried to replace glow plugs after 60k mark but old ones had to go back.. ooh well When I removed third (from left) different shape size I was surprised what the heck is this .. Completely different glow plug from rest 3. I tried to replace the normal ones but even that was no good The glow plug...
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    This is waht I was always talkiing about

    For those, who goes to audi for repair watch n learn..
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    SKODA FABIA TDi faster than an S3

    So if mine A3 tdi 2.0 can be tuned to the top, will I get even more bhp and top speed? Currently mine top speed is 140 mph-145 mph downhill
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    Don't buy new cars if you love sporty racy sounding exhausts

    New cars becoming total **** best cars years range 2013- 2018
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    I used this oil

    I think I've used wrong engine oil. Please can someone tell if can cause damage? Pic below