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    A guide to upgrading the sound system on A3 8v (so that it’s Hi-Fi and better than the B&O system)

    I’ve spent the last few months upgrading the sound system in my A3 convertible S-Line 1.4 TFSI CoD. I've been significantly helped by threads on this forum (serious respect to the definitive guide to B&O retrofit by airbus319), and thought I’d try and help others by setting out a guide to how I...
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    Audi A3 8V with sound system - external amplifier upgrade

    Check out my thread in the main A38v forum. Pictures in that need sorting, however. You can replace the standard subwoofer with an upgraded unit (and ideally an amplifier, too)
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Sorry, not sure. I think the saloon might have the sub in rear deck.
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Yes, B&O amp under passenger seat. We were also discussing the B&O subwoofer, which sits in an enclosure in the spare wheel well.
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Hi I'm doing a stealth install using the original B&O enclosure which I purchased from eBay. The standard B&O subwoofer driver is actually poor, so I decided to replace it. There are very few 16.6cm sub drivers available though I did find a shallow mount one from Kicker (Not the best brand I...
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    B&O amp location/replacement with aftermarket amp

    Hi folks.... I'm working through a complete audio system upgrade and intend to fit a 4 channel amp in the location of the B&O amp. I have bought the cover and mounting bracket for the B&O amp which I will modify to suit. Question...does anybody have photos of the underseat area with the cover...
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    Sound system upgrade including B&O sub aftermarket amp and Focal speakers

    Hi folks, I'm most of the way through upgrading the infotainment system in my 64 plate sline convertible. So far: MiB 2 and screen upgrade by Audi Retrofits to give Android Auto etc Existing 8 speakers replaced with Focal PS 165s components Vibe powerbox 65.4 amp driven via high level speaker...