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  1. JordanG97

    New Wheel Fitment

    So finally got new wheels (thanks to those who helped on that one) but they're catching. Gone for some genuine Audi 18 inch wheels, fitted them last night but they're definitely catching on the front and I think rears as well. Fonts are touch the steering arms and make an awful noise and smell...
  2. JordanG97

    Wheels for B5 Avant

    Looking to change my wheels at the end of this month, just looking for some help and inspiration. Thinking of getting some genuine BBS CH's if I can find a decent used set, will these fit?
  3. JordanG97


    Hello! Hope I'm posting this in the right place, I'm sure I'll get told off pretty quickly if I'm not. Just wanted to post a quick introduction to me and my car as I'm completely new to Audis and this forum. So here's the car; an A4 B5 Avant in Yellow, nicknamed the 'Yellow Menace'. Powering it...