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    Experiences with a 2.0tdi 170

    Mine had an engine replacement before purchasing it. The car was doing a regen on a weekly basis, which was rather annoying. So I decided to get the dpf and map done. Its been brilliant since, hasn't missed a beat. It's actually for sale now :)
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    blacked window trim

    That looks spot on!
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    Tuning a PD170 engine

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the limits of the pd170 injectors? Also has anyone fitted a bigger turbo? Something like a gtb2260..
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    Progress Update on my Avant

    Thats a beast! Where did you get the plate filler from?
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    lowering advice

    Am I correct in thinking that the Eibach 50/40 actually makes the car sit lower at the front? All the pics I have seen make the rear look slightly higher.. Are there any springs that are a level drop?
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    My V6 Quatt - Progress so far (Pics)

    Very nice! Have you got any pics of from the rear? I wanted to see if the wheels sit flush with the arch or not.
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    Rear Diffuser

    If it's anything like the rest of the work you have done.. it will be brilliant !
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    Progress on my 2007 A4 Avant

    Looks good, whats the ride of the Joms like?
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    3.0 TDI Custom Exhaust [PICS]

    That's a good price, sounds very nice too!
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    3.0 TDI Custom Exhaust [PICS]

    Looks great, how much did that cost if you don't mind me asking?
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    I was clearing the dpf on the motorway once a week, the car used to feel lumpy and sluggish. I used to waste fuel and time doing this, it was really annoying! So I did some research as many companies do the dpf delete. In the end I booked it in with Rick @ Unicorn and he did a great job. He...
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    Few Latest Pic + Rig Shots

    Car is looking nice as usual! Nice pics too :)
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    R-Tech/Dynodaze Open Day

    Looked like a decent day out
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    ABT B7 Avant kit fitted

    I like that kit, its a shame they dont do a rear diffuser to lower the back slightly.
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    Best place for RS4 style alloy's

    The ride height is exactly what im after on mine.
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    Best lowering option - opinions required please

    That looks smart, what size tyres are you using on the s4's?
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    Best lowering option - opinions required please

    I have yet to order mine, but I still haven't decided between the Eibach's and H&R's!
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    Winter wheels

    They look really nice!
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    Are these rims OEM?

    Are they off a Seat Leon?