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  1. crespo

    Going to buy a b8 A4 2.0tdi... Things to look out for?

    Don't worry about the cvts. The horror stories relate to the pre 2005 boxes. The cvt in the b8 is very strong. So long as you stick to the 40k mile oil change intervals Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. crespo

    Best combination

    The multitronic on the b7 and b8 is perfectly fine. Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. crespo

    Coilovers vs Springs vs Springs & Shocks

    Just in case there is any confusion, pb is a different brand to ap. Mine had 30 settings from soft to hard and cost £500 for springs and dampers. Don't know about ap?
  4. crespo

    Lowered or not?

    That's mine for comparison although it's sat on 19s now. Standard sport suspension
  5. crespo

    Lowered or not?

    Looks like it's sat on sport suspension. I have an a line avant and the ride height looks very similar. Also the tinted headlights look good. S lines are tinted so why not
  6. crespo

    Coilovers vs Springs vs Springs & Shocks

    I ran pb coilovers on my old clk which had sport suspension and on there softest setting they were softer than the sport suspension which is more pliable than the s line suspension on my a4. On that basis i would say that they would be considerably softer than s line springs and dampers. They...
  7. crespo

    190PS TDI & 50mpg+

    I've just gone from standard 18" S lines to 19" and my economy is about the same to be honest
  8. crespo

    190PS TDI & 50mpg+

    I can get well in to the 50s in my remapped 143 bhp multitronic. 70 mph gives 55 plus, sat at 80 gives about 49 to 52 mpg. Obviously takes a hit city driving. It's putting out about 180 bhp after the remap.
  9. crespo

    A4 S line special edition no electric mirrors!

    It's an Audi, first you buy the car then everything else is an optional extra. Just be greatfull that you have 4 wheels.
  10. crespo

    Multitronic help guys

    40k oilcchange on the multitronic. Also dealer price of £175 is cheaper than my local independent can do it for due to the cost of the oil.
  11. crespo


    It's diamond polished. And a specialist wheel refurbishment job.
  12. crespo

    Hi I see you have been online here today. I am still waiting for a reply to message not to...

    Hi I see you have been online here today. I am still waiting for a reply to message not to mention the item I have purchased you, So if you could please take the time to either message me back with the details I asked for or return the money I have sent you. Thanks
  13. crespo

    B8 / B8.5 A4 / S4 Little Surprises

    Not really anything special but, when you use the wipers they return to the park position and after about 10 seconds they retract even further to be hidden from view. Not sure the point of this other than for aesthetics. Boggled my mind the other day when I noticed them drop. I honestly thought...
  14. crespo

    Tyres from Audi

    To be honest mate, as horrendous as those photos look. I've ran them on a 400 bhp AMG CLK without any issues. Now I'm no expert but those pics look like under inflation and the rims pinching. Only saying that as I've had the same happen to me with some Pirelli P zeros. Completely my fault for...
  15. crespo

    Tyres from Audi

    I can assure that it was delivered brand new with Kumho tyres as standard. It was an 09 Golf 1.6 tdi se. On 16" wheels I think. I was with her when she took delivery and remember distinctly as I was surprised it didn't come with mitchelins or Contis being a brand new car. It came with the bog...
  16. crespo

    Tyres from Audi

    That's a bit of an ignorant statement mate. Have you ever driven a car wearing them? Clearly not. Many budget/midrange brands are rebranded big names as the market is so large they want a piece of it without damaging their brand name. Matador hectora 2 tyres are for example an excellent tyre...
  17. crespo

    Tyres from Audi

    Khumhos are fine. I had them on the rear of my old CLK and that thing was very tail happy. Every bit as good as the mitchelins I had on before. Yes the mitchelins may have shaved 2 seconds a lap off your time at a race track but in real world driving they're absolutely fine. They have very soft...
  18. crespo

    Help deciding wheels?

    I think you should sell me your rotors for £300. You make a tidy profit as well. :-)