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    Why the negativity

    The facelift car will be better to drive than mine but I don't like some of the new esthetic "improvements". I really dislike the front headlights, Like the new bonnet and bumber, dislike the mirrors... As a whole I prefer mine I think it looks better... But nothing wrong with the facelift...
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    Superchip vs mtm re-map

    Spot on wolfbane... I think likewise... Pedro
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    S3 - Temporary turbo loss??

    Can't fault mine and has 18500 miles now.... pulling as normal!! Maybe mine was a good batch!! lololol Pedro
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    Facelift S3 3 doors?

    I do like the new bonnet and bumper and I think the wing mirrors I would get used to it. Alloys and headlights a step backwards if you ask me... Pedro
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    Anyone recommend an iPhone dock for an S3?

    sits nicely underneath the arm rest with the lid of the cup holder closed! And if you have an iSkin (rubber case for it) it won't slide anywhere Pedro
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    How do i choose ??? help please : )

    I would go for the new model has you already owned the pre facelift one! Don't be silly... get the new one! Pedro
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    Check out this bad boy 1.6 S3

    Could be worse... The side skirts and quad exaust spoil what could have been a good look 1.6 A3 I am wondering which S3 was nicked for the wing mirrors to be on that 1.6.... Pedro
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    Best tyres ever!!!!!

    I like my Michelin Pilot Sport 2..... all round performance! Far better than the Contis... Pedro
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    Insurance - who do you use?

    Norwich Union for me.... paying a bit but the cheapest I could find even using Pedro
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    Help I'm new - 3.2 Q DSG

    Sat nav can be retrofitted easily if you can source a RNS-E unit. Suspension mod is quite a common one so I assume there isn't that much adverse effects if done properly. Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    I don't want!!!!! But can't take it to South America with me either.... so a toy to use once, twice a year..... Hence the sale! Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    well might be the case... not bothered really! Like I said if it does not sell... keep it as a toy... no worries... not needing the money really. Pedro
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    Doing It Yourself

    To push the piston back it helps it you take the lid off the brake fluid reservoir... Don't forget to close it afterwards though! Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    yeah... thought about it but just can't be bothered really... do not have the time! If can't sell it before I go I just store it in Portugal and keep it as a toy... Going to South America so not worth taking it with me. It is a nice car and I drive it no problems in the UK (thought it would be...
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    Doing It Yourself

    from the above the trickiest thing would be changing the disks I would have thought.... Oil and pads are quite straightforward with the right tools/equipment. Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    quick sale?.... Just is the price I want for it... nothing wrong with it... can bring an Audi mechanic... all paperwork and everything is fine... Pedro
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    Who wants to let me drive their S3?!

    For around £19.5k you can even drive mine everyday!!! lolololol
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    yeah... silly cow!!!! Thing is if you threw the trolley in her direction she would probably press charges against you.... and we know who the police punishes!! The law abiding citizen! not the scum!!! Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    it is a 07 reg... got it mid April 07... I have sent you a pm with more info... Pedro
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    Giving it away... S3 for sale!

    Hi guys! I know this is not classifieds. I do not have pictures of it yet. But it is in mint condition. So just check my signature and anyone interested please PM. I am in Central London and car is parked in a secure underground parking. Although it is a left hand drive it was a special order...