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  1. egesford

    Aircon compressor part number?

    Anyone know the part number for Aircon compressor on a 2.5tdi AKE? Assuming they are all the same on the v6 but don't want to do it twice lol Tia
  2. egesford

    2.5tdi flat spots

    Thanks for replies. Egr is next job as it's seems so be spitting out carbon onto the turbo lol
  3. egesford

    2.5tdi flat spots

    Yea, belts need doing anyway so will get that done, service and a remap and see if it's cured. Drove an a6 today with same engine and wasn't much better, probably just expecting too much from it
  4. egesford

    2.5tdi flat spots

    Hi, just got a 2001 quattro sport with AKE engine, its got about 3 flat spots between 1800 and 4500 revs. starts pulling well then backs off a bit then comes in again, is there any common issues with these that might cause this? No fault codes, bit thermostat is stuck open, wondered if this...
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  6. egesford

    What is the best car air freshener?

    Halfords | Bahama Scented Pouch Car Air Freshener Pina Colada these are lush
  7. egesford

    ko3s turbo

    i have a secondhand k03s, £140 delivered, available next week (devon)
  8. egesford

    Paint Protection for New A3

    or just buy lifeshine from ebay for £15 and do it yourself
  9. egesford

    hydrographics/water transfer dipping

    ive got some old golf alloys knocking about, il try it on one of those and post up some pictures when ive had a crack at it. might be a little while as only just ordered it and still got to get a compressor/spray gun etc.
  10. egesford

    hydrographics/water transfer dipping

    Ive just ordered a load of hydrographic stuff, anyone got any experience doing this? Im going to attempt dipping some rstt alloys
  11. egesford

    Look What I Got Today :-)

    i was bidding on this and forgot! wounded
  12. egesford

    ASN's Pub

    Anyone else stuck on the m5?
  13. egesford

    Which brand water pump.

    Ive always used metal ones (tdi, 1.8t and 1.8) never noyiced any leaking going to have to check now when I get home
  14. egesford

    Egr delete process and benefits ?

    Both my 110s (asv) have had the unit as one, as did the new engine I just bought. 2 2001 cars and a 2000 plate
  15. egesford

    Egr delete process and benefits ?

    the tdi 110 the egr valve and throttle body are one unit. If u fit an egr delete kit like the allard one you will get engine judder when you shut off the engine. Also the standard unit helps prevent your turbo running away. Ive got the allard kit on mine, no noticable difference to the way it...
  16. egesford

    Does anyone have a 1.9 TDi 8L?

    tdi 110 asv remapped, egr delete, coilovers. other stuff
  17. egesford

    red dogbone bush, did you do the smaller one....

    i just put new red dog bone on my diesel, re-used the bolts, it does vibrate at idle but its not too intrusive and will settle out after a few miles, gear change is much smoother too
  18. egesford

    fitting coilovers

    all done, £60 to fit coilovers, new top mounts, dog bone bush and do tracking. smooth
  19. egesford

    fitting coilovers

    much better